Surrender by AsreonInfusion (Mature)

  • Oct. 23rd, 2015 at 1:52 PM
Title: Surrender
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud Strife
Categories: vampire, mind control, AU
Length: Medium [3303 words]
Warnings: dub-con and a hint that Cloud is probably underage

Author on LJ: n/a
Author/Artist/Creator Website: AsreonInfusion'S AO3

Summary: Cloud is forced to spend the night in the long-abandoned ShinRa mansion, but he's not as alone as he would like to think.

Review: This is an AU one-shot and it uses the spooky setting of the original Shinra mansion to great effect to tell a classic vampire story, that - with all the things that happen to poor Cloud in the original game - play on some of the game's themes to great effect. There are nice callbacks to Sephiroth's history as we know it and to the influence that JENOVA allowed him over Cloud in the game, bleeding into the classic power of enthralling a vampire can hold over his victim.

It is a dark, sexy story and with the mind control is definitely not for readers who like clearly negotiated consent. But that goes well with the eerie setting and the overtones of classic horror.

Title: feet been draggin’ cross the ground
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Gen with Dawn and Buffy, background Buffy/Faith
Categories: drama, family, hurt/comfort, romance
Length: Long [17784words]
Warnings: canon typical violence

Author/Artist/Creator on LJ: [ profile] celaenos
Author/Artist/Creator Website: celaenos' AO3

Summary: Dawn goes along with Buffy on a seemingly endless road trip after Sunnydale blows up. Stubbornly avoiding their friends, and any semblance of normalcy, they try to figure out just what the hell they are supposed to do with their lives now.


I do remember that the first time I tried to read the fic I stopped after the first few scenes, because I felt there were some clunky sentences. Then later I sat down again, because I'm a sucker for a good fic about the Summers sisters and even more for Buffy/Faith and that time I read it in one setting and what I found was an amazing fic.

It's set post-canon and Buffy feels lost without her mission, instead of joining the scoobies she and Dawn set out on a road trip across the country. It's a fic about the sisters and their relationship and how life changes for them, how they deal with being or not being the Slayer and a girl that technically isn't real, but the Key. It has wonderful bonding moment and wonderful humor. It's also about Buffy running away from facing the feeling she might have for Faith.

It also does a good job of showing how both Buffy and Dawn slowly figure themselves out and find their way.

It's wonderful. The characterisation and slow progression is perfect and highlights the confusion and the feeling of being aimlessly adrift. There are just so many unique and wonderful women around in this fic and it makes for a wonderful highly recommended read.

feet been draggin’ cross the ground

Who We Are by Multi (G)

  • Sep. 24th, 2015 at 10:54 AM

Title: Who We Are
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Pairing: Gen
Categories: Action/Adventure, Family, Supernatural, Vid
Length: 5 minutes
Warnings: Epilepsy Warning

Author on Youtube: All Channel Names Linked Here
2:Velo Cira
7:watersee kitty
8: MtfoxX3
10:watersee kitty/Becca DeP
11: Jimsdeadbones
14:Dismay Dreamer
20:Velo Cira/Shelby Stockstill
25:Thö Marawa
27:Callipepla Californica
28:ForsakenSpirits FS/Callipepla Californica/Deadly-Punch/Ayaneo/Toshii/R­ory Butt/Animatrocities

Summary: This video is an M.A.P. (Multi Animator/Artist Project) done in honor of Alex Hirsch's wonderful cartoon, Gravity Falls! 30+ incredibly skilled people all came together to bring this video to you over the course of four months, so leaving a like, fave, and comment really lets us all know you appreciate our effort!

Review: This is an interesting collab from a large number of different artists. Each of the different lines of the song are used to represent a different episode in the Gravity Fall's series.

Each of the episodes is illustrated by different artists. If you are familiar with the episodes, it is definitely neet to see them visually summarized.

As well as to see the different parts of the series that each of the collaborators wanted to highlight.

Who We Are
Title: The Trouble with Threesomes and Supernatural Soul Mates
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Chris Argent/Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: Angst, AU,Slash, First Time, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural.
Length: Epic [87983 words]
Warnings: Canon Levels of Violence, Minor Characters Deaths, Age Diference, Alpha!Peter.

Author Website: Akira_of_the_Twilight(on AO3)

Summary: Peter looked at Stiles from the corner of his blue eyes and smirked. Stiles swore he saw a flash of red Peter’s eyes, but it might of have been his brain’s lack of oxygen making him hallucinate. “I’m looking for my soul mate. Christopher Argent. I believe he volunteered to be taken in for questioning.”

An iron fist clenched Stiles' heart. This man was Argent’s—Christopher’s soul mate?

Stiles stared at the Peter’s wrist, examining every detail of Peter's soul mark. Stiles couldn’t find anything different between his and the blond’s.

Stiles lifted his hand and ghosted his fingers along Peter’s forearm.

It was lightning all over again, and Stiles yanked his hand back, only to have it caught in an unbreakable grip.

Frosty blue eyes burrowed into Stiles', and he couldn’t stop himself from gulping. The smirk on Peter’s lips grew as the corner of his mouth quirked higher, and he drew Stiles’ hand close to his face.

Peter’s nostrils flared slightly as he stared at Stiles’ soul mark. He pulled Stiles forward, pressing soft lips to Stiles wrist.

“Now what would your name be?” Peter purred.
[original summary]

Review: I want to start this fic by saying I wanted to find a good Stiles/Peter/Chris fic, and I was surprised to find such a big and awesome one. I love how it has a twist, where the Soulmate trope is not that simple and that the soul marks give an interesting feel to their relationship. The best part of the fic it’s that we get equals amounts of relationship develop and supernatural action.

Basically Chris and Peter are already in a bond, believe they are only soulmates to each other when Stiles stumbles upon them in a very shifty situation. What follows is a mad dash to figure out what it’s going on, with Stiles figuring out the supernatural element in his soulmates and himself. There are two good subplots, one with Kira’s and Scott’s relationship and another with the Alpha Pack. This fic is just the first of a series, and gives a good base to what will develop in the third story, equally as great.

One of my favorite things about this fic is that the author handles so well the age difference; the fic has several points of view on Stiles joining an already established relationship, with older man. We also see through all the series moments of vulnerability on all of them, and Stiles adapting himself not only to a relationship, but to the image his mates present to everyone around him.

I really like their characterization, while the author warns about out of character behavior, I think they gave a great treatment to each character. Peter and Chris are truly amazing portrayed, and only Stiles had for me a little of variance on the more innocent side, less awkward and funny and more insecure and vulnerable.

If you give it a try, do read the other two fics, because they are amazing. The second is very sweet and domestic, and the third one is darker, a case fic where Stiles shines developing his new powers.

The Trouble with Threesomes and Supernatural Soul Mates

Howl by Raleighpuppy (Pg-13)

  • Aug. 27th, 2015 at 11:09 AM
Title: Howl
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Pairing: Furiousa/Max
Categories: AU, Domestic, Hurt/Comfort, Post-Canon, Supernatural,
Length: Long (20k)
Warnings: Canon typical violence

Author on LJ: [ profile] raleighpuppy
Website: Raleighpuppy's Ao3

Summary: There's a dingo hanging around The Citadel at night and, when Furiosa befriends the dingo, she notices a few odd coincidences involving the dingo, which she names Max, and another Max quite dear to her.

And then a new threat appears.

Review: Max makes such a cute were-creature! The story is nice and straightforward which is in-keeping with the feel of the movie.

It allows us to get to know Max better and it's nice to see him getting a happier ending.

The fic also has an interesting take on lycanthropy. I can't say much more without giving anything away. But this is definitely worth a read if you like modernized Supernatural worlds.


Howl by ADHeaven (Nc-17)

  • Jul. 19th, 2015 at 10:21 PM
Title: Howl
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt Hummel/Noah Puckerman
Categories: Romance, Mpreg, Angst, Supernatural
Length: Epic [82633 words]
Warnings: Werewolves, Violence.

Author Website: ADHeaven(on AO3)

Kurt Hummel is a young werewolf just trying to survive high school. As the son of the pack leader and a gifted male capable of bearing children, he is coveted by the other werewolf boys. However, it is the human bully, Puck, who is there in his time of need. Because it is taboo for a wolf to mate with a human, Kurt and Puck battle their attraction to one another until something neither of them expected draws them together again. [original summary]

This is a werewolf AU, where Kurt is a special snowflake! Kidding, or not so much. This story is a favorite of mine, mostly because we see a Kurt that is powerful and confident, and Puck that isn’t really sure what he is doing. So expect a refreshing take on Puck’s and Kurt’s relationship with themselves and each other.

Another characterization that is gold it’s Burt, he is even more badass in this fic and slightly harder than in the show, which is obviously a result of the plot and the background story of Burt as a leader of a pack. I really like that while Burt loves Kurt and gives him some leeway, he is always worried about the pack as a whole.

Besides the evolution of Puck’s and Kurt’s relationship, and the very hot smut, there is also an element of suspense, introducing Puck’s own constitution and family; this elements create tension into the story and soften the romance side of it. Be also prepared to see male pregnancy and discussion on a male carrier, not always savory, but there isn’t a birth, so it might be ok for people that don’t dig the trope.

Title: Everything we Know about you guys is Wrong
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hales/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: AU, Domestic, Friendship, Supernatural
Length: Medium (16k)
Warnings: Kidnapping

Author on LJ: [ profile] devildoll
Website: Ao3 | Tumblr

Summary: For Throwback Thursday I dusted off an old ficlet request fill I started back in 2012 when an anon asked for a How to Train Your Dragon AU. This isn’t quite that, but there is a dragon. (And a happy ending!) It’s ultimately Derek/Stiles but mostly Derek/Original Dragon Character, and is for general audiences. Hope you like it anyway. :D

Review: Hilarious and fast paced, this fic reminds me of Patricia Wrede's Dragon series.

Derek gets kidnapped by a teenage dragon who is convinced he is her princess. It follows his amusing attempts to survive on various stolen baskets of food and clothing.

Even if you are only minorly connected to Teen Wolf canon, so even if you aren't very familiar with the fandom this might be a nice, fun romp to spend a half-hour on.
Everything We Know about you Guys is Wrong

Cinnamon, Mint, and Smoke by kaigou (R)

  • Jun. 8th, 2015 at 7:44 PM
Title: Cinnamon, Mint, and Smoke
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: Duo/Heero, Duo/Trowa, Quatre/OMC, Wufei/OMC
Genres: AU, Romance, Drama, Virgin, Supernatural
Length: Long (18,818 words)
Warnings: None

Author on LJ: [ profile] kaigou
Author Website: Sol1056 @

Author's Summary:
I was twenty years old, and I’d never been kissed. Well, that’s an exaggeration, I suppose. I’d never kissed someone that I actually -wanted- to be kissing. I was also a virgin. My life sucked.

This AU is a beautifully written exploration of lonely Duo's search for acceptance. As in canon he is an orphan, though this time in a modern AU. The newest member of a gay fraternity at his university, his struggle to fit in and his sense of being an outsider are poignantly written and very relatable. It takes a deal with the devil - who is, in this case, Heero - for him to finally see that his isolation was in fact all in his head and more a product of his own insecurity rather than anything tangible.

Duo's feelings are so well explored and explained that it's easy to see him taking these extreme measures for companionship. Being a lonely orphan for most of his life who has never had his romantic needs fulfilled, I didn't actually find it very far fetched that he would make a deal with Heero. Despite the potentially angsty subject matter this is a mostly gentle fic that's more of a character study, and I found the more subtle and ordinary issues Duo was dealing with very easy to empathise with. All in all this is a slow and thoughtful fic with a lovely payoff.

Cinnamon, Mint, and Smoke

You Have Infinite Choice by R_Gunns (R)

  • Apr. 23rd, 2015 at 11:13 PM
Title: You Have Infinite Choice
Fandom: Marvel MCU
Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers
Categories: AU, Body Swap, Dark, Established Relationship, Romance
Length: Long (23k)
Warnings: Lots of death - Some Gore

Author on LJ: [ profile] gru_da
Website: R_Gunns

Summary: They don't have control, aren't Gods or spirits or beings with any power. But they are something.

(A reincarnation AU that follows a dozen lives amongst thousands.)

Review: A series of loosely connected stories that follow various lives of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as they reincarnate, die, and repeat the cycle.

Some are dark, some are strange, and some are surprisingly sweet. Each one shows a different facet of both the characters and their relationship. All held together with a single story line rushing towards its end.

Even if you aren't super familiar with the fandom, you should be comfortable reading this fic, since each of the different worlds, and character experiences is included in the various parts of the story.

You Have Infinite Choice

The Swan Triad by Pennin_Ink (pg-13)

  • Mar. 20th, 2015 at 11:36 AM
Title: The Swan Triad
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Categories/Genres: Fairytale, Romance
Length: 121,660
Warnings: Moriarty!Warning

Author/Artist on LJ: [ profile] pennin_ink
Author/Artist AO3: AO3 Link

Summary: Sherlock and John grow up spending every summer together. Their mothers' attempts to play matchmaker only fuel their mutual resentment and scorn. But then, one summer...  (Swan Princess AU)

This fic is pretty much the example of don't judge a book by it's cover. I would not have given this fic a second look if it had not been on someones rec list. And I am not a fan of the swan princess because a prince that stupid shouldn't rule over anyone one day. Which is why this fic literally is the nicest surprise. It will grab your heart in a way only love can. You grow up with John and Sherlock from the sweet tooth rotting sweetness of when Sherlock is born to their constant fighting as they get older to realising what they are to each other just as John's about to go away.

Rather than the thrilling mystery and fondness you feel over canon Sherlock and John, you feel like you know everything about the characters in the story from very early on and not only do you like these characters but that these characters at it for you. I dare anyone to read this story and swear they are not soul crushingly in deep love with both Sherlock and John.

Best of all I love how pennin_ink manages to write Sherlock. A couple of times over the story the writer writes a paragraph about how Sherlock looks to another and heart in your throat and beating out your chest your mind latches onto it. And it's usually something simple like Shelock walking down the stairs or being sad in the woods. It certainly is inspiring to any fan artist out there who want to paint themselves something.

Don't just listen to this rec though, check out many others that can be found through google. The least articulate usually show someone scoffing at the premise of Sherlock as a swan princess and ending in a computer being heaved dramatically out of a window at the sheer emotion the fic grips you with. I admit the fic got me so bad I immediately went out looking for a swan necklace myself and only found a tiny charm which is now my favourite.

The Swan Triad
Title: An Old-Fashioned Vampire Story
Fandom: Gotham TV/American Vampire
Pairing: Jim Gordon/Alfred Pennyworth
Categories: AU, Crossover, Dark, Supernatural,
Length: Long (29k)
Warnings: Beastialityish - Alfred Shape-shifts into a wolf and there is sex

Author on LJ: [ profile] manic_intent
Website: Manic-Intents Ao3

Summary: The well-dressed, hard-faced man who had collected Bruce Wayne from the crime scene answered the door with a narrow-eyed look of surprise that threw all of Jim’s instincts. Instead of a polite greeting, there was a curt, “You’re one of the GCPD detectives.”

“Yes.” Jim forced himself to meet the man’s eyes. They were the most unsettling part of him: the pupils were a strange, deep amber that reminded Jim uncomfortably of a feral animal. “You’re… Alfred Pennyworth, aren’t you? I’m Detective Jim Gordon.”


“And what?”

“And what do you want?” There was a strange note to Alfred’s voice that Jim couldn’t place, that didn’t seem to sound quite… right: it seemed to pull at something under his skin, somewhere subconscious. It made his skin crawl.

Review: As always Manic-Intent excels at worldbuilding. Even with a relatively short story length and a tight timeline, you will get dragged into the details surrounding the different breeds of vampire, Gotham's politics, and the problems with past lives.

The plot is very straightforward, but given the amount of world building it is nice to not have to keep track of too many details.

Please mind the warnings. There are some sex scenes, and fantasies involving Alfred in Wolf-form so if you aren't comfortable with that, I would suggest skipping this story.

An Old-fashioned Vampire Story

Twice Shy by sarkasticfics (NC-17)

  • Feb. 16th, 2015 at 4:42 PM
Title: Twice Shy
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Genres: AU, Angst, Romance, Soulmates, Creature, Supernatural, Pining, Friendship, Bonding
Length: Long (20k words)
Warnings: None

Author on LJ: [ profile] sarkasticfics
Author Website: N/A

Author's Summary:
Written for the following prompt, over at part eight of the StarTrek XI Kinkmeme:

Bones is a werewolf.

The moment he meant James Kirk, got a good whiff of his scent, he knew he was fucked.

He had thought those stories about werewolves scenting their mate were all bullshit.

But the stories about mating for life have got to be fake, right? Right?

Werewolf!Bones, his species a secret, finds out Jim is his soulmate the first time they meet during their training. Cue angst and pining, as Bones has to deal with the fact that his mate is a slutty commitment-phobe who has no idea werewolves exist. The dynamics between the rest of the crew are also a feature here, giving more depth to a familiar trope. The friendship between Bones and fellow werewolf Uhura is lovely, as is the rallying of the crew as a whole around their non-human members. This is first and foremost a great romance fic that doesn't fall too deep into melodrama, as well as a great retelling of the growth of friendship between all crew members.

Twice Shy

"Until" by objectlesson (R)

  • Feb. 10th, 2015 at 10:54 PM
Title: Until
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler
Pairing: Sebastian/Ciel
Categories: Character study, supernatural, dark
Length: Medium (4,435 words)
Warnings: Underage relationship (13-year-old boy/ancient demon), though the sex is only implied. Suicidal ideation. Possible TW for eating disorders.

Author on AO3:  objectlesson

Summary: Long before he contracts the Earl of Phantomhive and becomes Sebastian Michaelis for better or for worse, he was known as a poet and a fool among demons.

Review: Reading Object Lesson's stories always feels a bit like standing in the eye of a thunder storm. There is something potent, almost electric in their prose. "Until" is a perfect example of this, a short but beautiful character study that takes an entirely different look at Sebastian than I've seen from other authors in this fandom. One of the central premises of Kuroshitsuji is that demons are guided primarily by their sense of aesthetics. Object Lesson takes this conceit, along with various quips that canon characters have made about Sebastian being "half mad with hunger," and runs with them.

As the summary implies, this Sebastian is an aesthete who "sought beauty while his peers sought sustenance." This Sebastian is melancholy, prone to introspection and self-destruction in equal measure. In Ciel, of course, he finds the beauty he was searching for, to the ruin or possible salvation of them both. Object Lesson has a great grip on these characters, and on the painful but beautiful relationship between them. The end result is a character study that is insightful, poetic, and hopelessly, tragically romantic.

Sorry, this is late guys. Headaches seem to wait for no one.

Title: There's Monsters at Home
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: AU, Bonding, Dark, Romance, Supernatural
Length: Epic (84k)
Warnings: Past Sexual Assault

Author on LJ:
Website: Calrissian18 Ao3

Summary: “How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.

Review: In a world where Stiles got his magical abilities a lot earlier, it changes the whole course of the Teen Wolf Universe.

This is a fast-moving case-fic that will keep you scrolling. The romance is sometimes dark, but it fits well with this darker version of the Teen Wolf Universe.

There's Monsters at Home
Title: bring you to my hell
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler
Pairing: Sebastian/Ciel
Categories: Supernatural/horror/creature fic, established relationship, PWP, dark
Length: medium (4,725 words)
Warnings: Underage (13-year-old boy/ancient demon), danger kink, master/servant dynamics

Author on LJ:  [ profile] dustofwarfare
Author Website:  dustofwarfare

Summary: Other devils might enjoy offering fruit to tempt the innocent into damnation, but Sebastian -- he much prefers sharing it with one already damned.

Review: As Ciel eats his orange after the Book of Circus arc, Sebastian reflects on his own hunger, on temptation, damnation, and forbidden fruit. But as the summary implies, Sebastian's role is not to tempt in this story. Ciel is already damned, and once again, he has an order that surprises Sebastian.

This is a hard story to rec without spoiling its central premise, which is one of the main reasons I've hesitated to post about it here. But [ profile] dustofwarfare is one of my favorite Kuroshitsuji writers, and this is a great read to start off 2015's year of recs. Her Sebastian is always a delight to read, and always a refreshing change from the many mundane AUs floating around. As in furnace room lullaby, which I previously recced here, Sebastian is more demon than butler in this fic, and Ciel wouldn't have it any other way. As the warnings imply, this story is not for everyone. This is a Sebastian who, as in canon, literally hungers for his master, and a Ciel who gets off on testing the limits on that hunger and of his demon's patience. Ciel is canon-aged in this story, so there is shota/underage. However, it does not particularly focus on his youth as a kink. Instead, [ profile] dustofwarfare highlights the qualities that make Ciel so formidable in canon. He may be damned, but he knows it, and he's quite prepared to step into that good night with Sebastian when the time comes. In the meantime, Ciel, as always, knows exactly what he wants -- and he expects Sebastian to deliver it.

bring you to my hell

Righting the Universe by taibhrigh (Nc17)

  • Nov. 13th, 2014 at 9:16 AM
Title: Righting the Universe
Fandom: Blade Trinity/Chronicles of Riddick
Pairing: Hannibal King/Drake; Richard B Riddick/Vaako
Categories: Action/Adventure, AU,Crossover, Romance, Supernatural, Time Travel
Length: Long (32k)
Warnings: Soulmates, Canon Character death

Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: Taibhrigh’s Ao3

Summary: Vaako had lived more than two thousand years without finding his balance, his soulmate. Then his sire died and soon other vampires were bursting into flame and ash on national tv but he went on. Now the ghost of a woman long since dead tells him all he has to do to find his mate is promise to go to the future and save the universe.

Review: An interesting take on the fix!it fic.I’m a sucker for snarky people and soulmate AUs, so this fic is right up my alley.

Vaako and Hannibal are snarky friends who help each other find their mates by dealing with time!travel, ghostly mothers of their respective soulmates, and the events of two different movies set a few thousand years apart.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that Taibhrigh was able to create a soul-mate AU that fit perfectly with both movies even while it completely changed both canons.

Righting the Universe
Title: Lust is but Gluttony's Twin (series)
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler
Pairing: Sebastian/Ciel
Categories: First time, supernatural, virginity
Length: Medium (the series as a whole is about 15k)
Warnings: Underage/shota (13-year-old boy/ancient demon), references to previous non-con (not between Ciel and Sebastian)

Author on LJ:  [ profile] _newworld

Summary: “Gluttony is your sin of choice, is it not, Sebastian?”

Review: Ciel supposes that demons are free from human desires, driven as they are by their deep hunger for souls. When he suggests this theory to Sebastian, however, he learns that lust and gluttony are overlapping sins, sometimes impossible to tell apart. Realizing that Sebastian hungers for his body as well as his soul, Ciel tries to re-draw the line between the two of them, even as part of him desperately wants to cross it.

The UST in this series is absolutely sizzling as Ciel and Sebastian dance around the line between earl and butler, master and demon. Kagome beautifully layers this new element into the power dynamics that already make the Sebastian/Ciel relationship so intriguing. I loved watching Ciel and Sebastian try to one-up each other in their new game, and I loved the perfectly in-character dialogue. And when they finally do decide to cross that line, the sex is well worth the wait. Part character study, part PWP, and part meditation on the nature of hunger and desire, this series is one of my favorites in the Kuroshitsuji fandom. Unfortunately, since it's hosted on LJ and not AO3, it's also one of those gems that new fans might have to do some digging to uncover, especially as only the final story in the series contains links back to the others. I'm including links to all four stories below to make it easier for readers to find their way across it.

Lust is but Gluttony's Twin
The Thin Line Between
Lead me (not) into Temptation
Lines not to Cross
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this world is cracked & crazy by Sa_kun

  • Oct. 23rd, 2014 at 2:06 PM
Title: this world is cracked & crazy
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Categories: AU, Action/Adventure, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Supernatural,
Length: Epic (40k)
Warnings:Character death; Child abuse; Mentions of past sexual abuse; Slavery

Author on LJ: [ profile] sa_kun
Website: Sa_kun

Summary:Stiles runs away from his old pack on a Monday. He meets his dad for the first time on a Sunday, and he falls in love on a Thursday.

Review: Stiles is a hermaphrodite Hyena were whose family has been hunted into extinction because of their differing biology.

It's interesting to see such a well researched story that takes into account the differing culture and instincts inherent in having more than one breed of were-creature in a pack.

The story also explores the differences in what it would mean for someone like Derek, who was born to be a beta, to suddenly be thrust into the role of Alpha. And how things would change if a born-Alpha came into the picture to become the Hale Alpha.

this world is cracked & crazy

A Shade of Infinite by Manic-Intent (Nc17)

  • Sep. 25th, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Title: A Shade of Infinite
Fandom: Blade Trinity
Pairing: Hannibal King/Drake
Categories: Action/Adventure, AU, Supernatural
Length: Long (25k)
Warnings: Dark

Author on LJ: [ profile] manic_intent
Author Website: Manic Intent’s Ao3

Summary Hannibal King is House Talos' enforcer. There's nothing more he likes out of life than killing other vampires... until now. Maybe.

Review: This is an AU series set in a world where Hannibal King didn't get turned back into a human. Instead he kept to his vampire killing habit even when stuck as Danica Talos' Childe. The change in his position in turn makes some very interesting changes to the Universe during the events of the second movie and completely demolishes the events of the third movie.

What is so interesting about this series, is that it doesn't gloss over the power imbalance inherent in any relationship between Drake and Hannibal.Instead it shows the imbalance, and how Hannibal in his typical irreverent style, refuses to bow down to anybody. Even if it means playing the long game to get what he wants.

A Shade of Infinite


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