Title: The Trouble with Threesomes and Supernatural Soul Mates
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Chris Argent/Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: Angst, AU,Slash, First Time, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural.
Length: Epic [87983 words]
Warnings: Canon Levels of Violence, Minor Characters Deaths, Age Diference, Alpha!Peter.

Author Website: Akira_of_the_Twilight(on AO3)

Summary: Peter looked at Stiles from the corner of his blue eyes and smirked. Stiles swore he saw a flash of red Peter’s eyes, but it might of have been his brain’s lack of oxygen making him hallucinate. “I’m looking for my soul mate. Christopher Argent. I believe he volunteered to be taken in for questioning.”

An iron fist clenched Stiles' heart. This man was Argent’s—Christopher’s soul mate?

Stiles stared at the Peter’s wrist, examining every detail of Peter's soul mark. Stiles couldn’t find anything different between his and the blond’s.

Stiles lifted his hand and ghosted his fingers along Peter’s forearm.

It was lightning all over again, and Stiles yanked his hand back, only to have it caught in an unbreakable grip.

Frosty blue eyes burrowed into Stiles', and he couldn’t stop himself from gulping. The smirk on Peter’s lips grew as the corner of his mouth quirked higher, and he drew Stiles’ hand close to his face.

Peter’s nostrils flared slightly as he stared at Stiles’ soul mark. He pulled Stiles forward, pressing soft lips to Stiles wrist.

“Now what would your name be?” Peter purred.
[original summary]

Review: I want to start this fic by saying I wanted to find a good Stiles/Peter/Chris fic, and I was surprised to find such a big and awesome one. I love how it has a twist, where the Soulmate trope is not that simple and that the soul marks give an interesting feel to their relationship. The best part of the fic it’s that we get equals amounts of relationship develop and supernatural action.

Basically Chris and Peter are already in a bond, believe they are only soulmates to each other when Stiles stumbles upon them in a very shifty situation. What follows is a mad dash to figure out what it’s going on, with Stiles figuring out the supernatural element in his soulmates and himself. There are two good subplots, one with Kira’s and Scott’s relationship and another with the Alpha Pack. This fic is just the first of a series, and gives a good base to what will develop in the third story, equally as great.

One of my favorite things about this fic is that the author handles so well the age difference; the fic has several points of view on Stiles joining an already established relationship, with older man. We also see through all the series moments of vulnerability on all of them, and Stiles adapting himself not only to a relationship, but to the image his mates present to everyone around him.

I really like their characterization, while the author warns about out of character behavior, I think they gave a great treatment to each character. Peter and Chris are truly amazing portrayed, and only Stiles had for me a little of variance on the more innocent side, less awkward and funny and more insecure and vulnerable.

If you give it a try, do read the other two fics, because they are amazing. The second is very sweet and domestic, and the third one is darker, a case fic where Stiles shines developing his new powers.

The Trouble with Threesomes and Supernatural Soul Mates
Title: I've Lived For These Few Seconds
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: Angst, First Time, Slash, Romance.
Length: Super!Epic [124126 words]
Warnings: Violence, Minor Character Death, Manipulation, moments of Dark!Stiles, Hate Crime, Homophobia, Graphic Sex.

Author Website: kyrene(on AO3)

Summary: Even in Beacon Hills the dangers aren't always supernatural. There's plenty that is supernatural, of course, and sometimes that can include the solution as well as further danger. Even though this can mean playing with fire.

It wasn't Scott he called once he regained consciousness. Or Derek, even though Derek Hale was the first person to spring to mind when he thought of being slammed into walls, when he tasted and smelled and breathed blood.
No, it was his father that he speed-dialed and his father who came to him where he crouched in the alley, clutching her hand as she wheezed out her last bubbling breaths. It was his father's pained blue eyes that he met as the paramedics swarmed over them both, pulling her away even though it was obviously too late, she was already dead, touching him and shining lights in his eyes and asking him over-loud questions.
It was his father who elbowed his way through the paramedics, because it had been his father that he had called.
[original summary]


This fic is one of those you aren’t that sure where it will take you; that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good fic - it’s actually great - it just means it’s fic that keeps you on your toes. This fic is part of canon divergence, very clearly stated by the author’s initial notes: Boyd and Erica get back to Derek and the Alpha Pack doesn’t exist. The action starts in the first chapter and then takes us into a path that traces a very different Stiles from canon.

It’s not a fic that concentrates on Scott, Allison, Lydia or any of the other secondary characters. The fic cleary moves in between Stiles’ relationship with his father and his relationship with Derek, as well as a growing friendship with Danny. Scott and Stiles are falling out and it’s not a fic that shows Scott in favorable light, which is refreshing.
Another prominent character is Peter and as the author warns who starts reading, there are undertones and explicit Peter/Stiles, with a delivered Derek/Stiles endgame. I like this, I love Peter/Stiles, and I specially like when Peter encroaches in Derek’s territory to make him wake up. I also love the way Peter cannon and otherwise see the brilliance of Stiles, and this is a essential part of this fic.

This is a Derek/Stiles fic, so the most important part of the plot focus on them trying to be together and passing through the awkwardness of knowing each other, having had life and death situations together, and still not being sure if there are or not feeling, if they can or not trust each other. What makes this a great fic is the fact while Derek and Stiles are struggling to make each other see what they are and how they feel, Peter is trying to make Stiles his own and Stiles is discovering his sexuality.

It’s a good fic to read when you want a mixture of angst and sex, of teenage problems and real issues with the supernatural.

I've Lived For These Few Seconds
Title: We must unlearn the constellations to see the stars
Fandom: Justice League & Justice League Unlimited (Cartoons)
Pairing: Shayera Hol/John Stewart
Categories: Fluffy, Romance, Friendship.
Medium: Art - Digital
Warnings: No warning apply.

Author Website: Themisto
(on AO3)

Summary: Post-battle rest. [original summary] Part of the Rare Pair Fest 2015 Exchange.

Review: First I need to say how much I love Justice League and how I rooted for Shayera and John to get together. With that disclaimer, I can add that the artist’s style is amazing and totally captures the essence of their relationship. For anyone that watched Justice League, what makes John and Shayera good is that their romantic relationship develops as they fight to protect humans and defeat the villain of the week - it’s usually in the aftermath of a battle that they share companionship moments.

The picture illustrates just that, the two levels show their emotions and frame those little scenes we see in the show, adding a lovely pairing - first we see them in rest after the battle, then we see the sweet kiss. I really like the view from behind of them and the context of where they are, and I love even more their expressions in the first part.

Props for the gentle coloring and the style, so close to the canonical one.

We must unlearn the constellations to see the stars

Card Captor Sakura by hart-coco [ART]

  • Aug. 23rd, 2015 at 11:58 PM
Title: Card Captor Sakura
Fandom: Card Captor Sakura
Characters: Sakura, Kero, Yue.
Categories: Creature/Wing, Friendship
Medium: Art
Warnings: No warnings apply.

Author Website: hart-coco(Deviantart) | hart-coco (Art Tumblr) | hart-coco(society6)

Summary:Card Captor Sakura will be my favourite childhood series forever. Great memories! [original summary]

Review: This art blew my mind! It’s incredibly shiny and pretty and I absolutely love the expression on their faces. Sakura is full of innocence in her smile and the intensity in both Yue and Kero is amazing. Another thing that is amazing is how the levels work in the picture, coming from Yue, then to Sakura and lastly to Kero.

There are other detail worth mentioning: Sakura and Yue holding hands, the cards spread around all of them, the movement in both Yue and Kero on their wings, the lovely sparkly sky in the background.

The artist also had a lot of other amazing fanarts, so check them out!

Card Captor Sakura

Fic: misdirection by bleep0bleep

  • Aug. 16th, 2015 at 10:25 PM
Title: misdirection
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: Au, Kids, Fluffy, Slash, Romance.
Length: Medium [4576 words]
Warnings: No warning apply.

Author Website: bleep0bleep(on tumblr) | bleep0bleep(on AO3)

Summary: Derek's just moved back to Beacon Hills with his young daughter, whose newest favorite thing is Mr. Stiles and his magic shop. Derek likes Stiles a lot too, except he's a bit worried about how Stiles' magic is... actually real, and the local pack and their Emissary might find that a problem.[original summary]

Review: After all the super epic fics, I present a tiny fic that has an amazing idea. I love Canon Au or Canon Divergence and this fic deals with Derek coming back to Beacon Hills with his kid and Scott’s pack is already settled in place.

Derek’s daughter and Stiles hit it off and Derek, well the poor guy just flounders around the fic, trying to pick up what is happening and having no idea what he is doing. The fic is full of little details that relate to the canon, from colors to Derek undying need to protect people, even the ones he doesn’t really know.

It’s super sweet and amazing, with a pinch of humor and in the rom-com style; definitely a fic to read after all the angst and plotty fics.


Mommy Dearest by BeyondtheKilljoy

  • Aug. 9th, 2015 at 11:01 PM
Title: Mommy Dearest
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: AU, Romance, Friendship
Length: Super! Epic [150439 words]
Warnings: Homophobia, Drug Addition (side theme), Minor Violence.

Author Website: BeyondtheKilljoy(on AO3)

Summary: Stiles was supposed to be put in weight training, but due to scheduling problems he was dropped into Health. It was fine, really, it was up until the point where Coach assigned the baby project. And the kicker?
His partner was the reclusive, intimidating Derek Hale - so it really wasn't fine anymore; especially with a baby who wouldn't give him a moment of rest if Hale wasn't there. However, when the project forces him to get closer to Hale than he would even imagine possible, he learns new things about the Hale family and maybe begins to see Hale in a different light.
Even if he'd totally be the mom. [original summary]

Review: Oh, this fic! It’s so cute to see Stiles and Derek in high school and they both learning each other. Seriously, this fic goes over Derek and Stiles learning to take care of a fake baby for their Health project and developing an amazing friendship - this makes you teeth roth with all the sweetness.

At the same time, the sweetness is cut by the homophobia issues and underlying tension between the Argents and the Hales; the Sheriff is quite present too, coming along with another side plot - a drug cartel that keeps on killing people and no one knows who they are.

Derek is probably my favorite in this fic, because he is less jaded, even if he still has the gruffy side of the canonical Derek. His interactions with his family kids and uncles, the sweet way he treats Stiles and how fierce he gets when Stiles gets hurt, just adds up on his cute points. The Hale family is very well put together, thought for Laura’s fans,her behavior it’s quite odd.

This fic is adorable and deals with homophobia in an amazing way. So sit, read it and enjoy a very refreshing High School Au.

Mommy Dearest
Title: Sinking Ships
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: Angst, AU,Slash, First Time, Drama, Hurt/comfort, Marriage of Convenience.
Length: Super! Epic [106646 words]
Warnings: Racism, Non-Con Elements. Arranged Marriege, Slavery, Werewolves as the dominant class, Abuse, Exposure to Cold and Hunger, Sub-Human Life Conditions.

Author Website: standinginanicedress(on AO3)

Summary: Derek Hale has never met a human before.
Throughout his life, he's probably encountered, give or take, a hundred or so. A mere hundred human beings in his twenty-three years walking around on earth, compared to the millions of weres he's seen. And, even then, encountered them he might have, but met? Not even close.
He's had his dry cleaning handed off to him by a mousy looking human girl in a shirt three sizes too big for her with huge eyes and shaking hands while a beta werewolf yelled at her in the background for being too skittish (wonder why that could possibly be), he's walked past teenage humans cleaning windows and sweeping pebbles off of sidewalks, he's had the door opened up for him by older humans in pristine uniforms outside of restaurants – but never, never once, has he stuck his hand out to a human and said hi, my name is…
He could probably count on one hand the number of times he's even been made aware that a human within a hundred feet of him even had a name. [original summary]

Review: Oh, this fic is incredibly throat closing and hope to let that feeling die. It’s a hard fic to read, because is full of feelings and so realistic in portraying a classist society base on slavery, that almost cuts you heart. This AU shows us a world where the werewolves are known and the ruling class, and the humans are bred for their entertainment, becoming pets and slaves.

Stiles is still a human and also his father, Derek, his family, Scott, Allison and the Argents are all weres. In this context, I wish the fic showed more humans, because pretty much all canon characters are weres and we only see Stiles side. On the other hand, there is so much detail and variety in the sorrows he passed, we get an ample vision of what might happen to the other humans.

While the Argents are certainly opposition to the Hales, the true villain in this fic is Talia Hale, and I confess I had a hard time believing her character; the reason being, I always seen Talia as a good alpha, someone that cared for her children and someone that wanted them happy - she is not like this in the fic! The Hales are highly dysfunctional and there aren’t many fuzzy feelings of family.

Derek gets Stiles because of a maneuver in Talia’s career and he and Stiles start a relationship that is fake, but goes on to evolve to a careful friendship and later a romantic one. The highlights of this fic are confined mostly to Derek and Stiles, and one brief scene with the Sheriff, but there is plenty of interaction with the other characters.

This is a fic to be revolted by and at the same time to make you feel sad and make you think. Proceed with caution.

Sinking Ships

After the Storm by matildajones (Nc-17)

  • Jul. 26th, 2015 at 10:27 PM
Title: After The Storm
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: Kidfic AU,Slash.
Length: Epic [41357 words]
Warnings: Mild Graphic Violence, Investigations and Cop persecution.

Author Website: matildajones(on AO3)

Summary: Derek's mind flits to Stiles’ face. It’s a hard face to forget and for some reason Stiles is one of the only things Derek can think about without feeling like he’s lost something.
Erica grins. “When are you going to see him next?”

“He’s a cop,” Derek says gruffly.


Derek remembers being at the station, he remembers all those fucking people who thought he had killed his own sister. Laura. He hates all of them, and says as much aloud.

Erica hums. “Sounded like you didn’t hate him.”

Dealing with the death of his sister, Derek spends most of his time helping out his family. He meets Stiles and as soon as Derek's willing to admit his attraction towards him, he discovers that Stiles is dealing with his own problems at work. He needs help - help that Derek's all too willing to give. There's something about Derek with his strange, glowing eyes and quick ability to heal that makes Stiles trust him when maybe he shouldn't. [original summary]

Review: First of all: Stiles is a cop. Second: Kid Fic. And third and most important: impossible not to love this fic. I’m serious, it’s so good it will give you cavities - because sweetness is never too much. And at the same time, there is plenty of drama and action to put you in the tip of your seat, just wanting to know who is the bad guy.
Clearly this is an AU, where werewolves are still real, and selected members of the Hale family are still alive. Stiles slowly finds out about the supernatural, at the same time he lives a not so easy life as cop. Allison is more present than Scott in this fic, and she is Stiles’ super badass partner, which me makes me super happy! It rare for me to like Allison, and this fic totally gave me sneaky feels on her part.

The kid fic part I announced is super cute, and full of surprises. Derek is the sweetest taking care of the kids and Stiles is all marshmallow in seeing the big guy being soft. The only thing that may seem slightly off in this fic is how much Stiles trusts Derek so fast around the kids, but if you go feeling in the blanks, the experience isn’t too jarring.

In the end, this fic is a super good read and has some nice surprises or at least some nice touches, for those that are quicker in finding the end before it arrives.

After The Storm

Howl by ADHeaven (Nc-17)

  • Jul. 19th, 2015 at 10:21 PM
Title: Howl
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt Hummel/Noah Puckerman
Categories: Romance, Mpreg, Angst, Supernatural
Length: Epic [82633 words]
Warnings: Werewolves, Violence.

Author Website: ADHeaven(on AO3)

Kurt Hummel is a young werewolf just trying to survive high school. As the son of the pack leader and a gifted male capable of bearing children, he is coveted by the other werewolf boys. However, it is the human bully, Puck, who is there in his time of need. Because it is taboo for a wolf to mate with a human, Kurt and Puck battle their attraction to one another until something neither of them expected draws them together again. [original summary]

This is a werewolf AU, where Kurt is a special snowflake! Kidding, or not so much. This story is a favorite of mine, mostly because we see a Kurt that is powerful and confident, and Puck that isn’t really sure what he is doing. So expect a refreshing take on Puck’s and Kurt’s relationship with themselves and each other.

Another characterization that is gold it’s Burt, he is even more badass in this fic and slightly harder than in the show, which is obviously a result of the plot and the background story of Burt as a leader of a pack. I really like that while Burt loves Kurt and gives him some leeway, he is always worried about the pack as a whole.

Besides the evolution of Puck’s and Kurt’s relationship, and the very hot smut, there is also an element of suspense, introducing Puck’s own constitution and family; this elements create tension into the story and soften the romance side of it. Be also prepared to see male pregnancy and discussion on a male carrier, not always savory, but there isn’t a birth, so it might be ok for people that don’t dig the trope.


sense8 by Shani-Artist (Art)

  • Jul. 13th, 2015 at 9:08 PM
Title: sense8
Fandom: Sense8
Pairing: Nomi Marks/Amanita
Categories: Romance, Fluffy, Established Relationship.
Medium: Art
Warnings: No warnings apply.

Author Website: Shani-artist (Deviantart) | theartofdoctorwho (Art Tumblr)

Summary: amanita and nomi from the tv show Sense8 [original summary}.

Review: Sense8 became a new fandom passion for me in the last month, when I saw this sketch it just made my day. It is a colored raw sketch: neither the raw nor the sketch part bother, they just make the art lovely.

It’s a waist up digital piece of Nomi and Amanita, pg and colorful. It portrays them in a very iconic moment in the series, when Amanita defends Nomi from a friend that made rude comments on her transexuality. It’s such a vulnerable moment and sweet moment for them, and the art is so light, that it fits perfectly with the canon.

I love the texture in Amanita’s hair and in Nomi’s dress, love the highlights in Nomi’s hair and how soft Amanita's expression looks. The background isn’t distracting and the whole piece is just simple in the right measure, without losing the details.

Title: Endgame
Fandom: 5 Seconds of Summer (Band)
Pairing: Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings/Calum Hood/Ashton Irwin
Categories: Angst, First Time, Slash, Romance.
Length:Medium [10,396 words]
Warnings: Unsafe Sex, Sexual Orientation Issues, Coming Out, Minor Homophobia.

Author Website: cyclogenesis (addictedkitten)[on AO3]

Summary: Ashton’s bandmates are petting each other onstage again which is fine, it’s normal.[original summary]

Review: Endgame is a fic Ashton-centered fic, and something I haven’t read before. I usually read Calum’s or Luke’s pov, and to think about only once or twice a Michael pov. The whole fic focus in Ashton realizing his feelings about the other boys in the band and at the same time figuring himself out.

I think this fic is good because it draws out from a experience all of us have when we get into the 5 Seconds of Summer fandom: their affectioned nature, the touches, the glances and the way they speak about each other means something? Or are there units inside of the band, or are them all friends at the same level? We don’t need to discuss if they are or not in a relationship in real life, but what we would like to believe it happens or better, what we imagine it should.

Ashton doesn’t daydreams and berates himself on his thoughts about the boys and the relationship he has with them and how they behave with each other. He is very jealous in this fic and sounds a bit whiny, but it’s fun to see him angsting over the fact no one is touching him.

I highly recommend this fic, since it’s all kinds of bittersweet with a happy ending and you will get tons of shippy feelings, because while it is a OT4 fic, it mulls over all kind of pairings inside the band, including all of them together.


Wild Horese by thepsychicclam {Nc-17}

  • Jun. 28th, 2015 at 10:37 PM
Title: Wild Horses
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: Angst, AU, First Time, Slash.
Length: Epic [78917 words]
Warnings: Scars, Permanent Injury.

Author Website: thepsychicclam (on AO3)| (on tumblr)

Summary: Derek's a drifter with no home, no destination, and no will to live. Stiles works on his family's failing cattle and horse ranch while all his friends are going off to college. When Derek falls asleep in a random barn, exhausted and half-starved, he doesn't expect to wake up on the other end of the sheriff's shotgun. And Stiles sure as hell doesn't expect his dad to invite the drifter in for breakfast. [original summary]

This fic is amazing! It’s a tiny bit cliche, the whole farm!au and wounded Derek running away, but at the same time, the story is deeply emotional, and not overall cheesy, though there are some very sweet moments towards the end that get pretty saccharine. Don’t be scared, that is good! The fic finds a good balance between emotional growth and vulnerability, which makes the sweeter moments refreshment to all the anger both Stiles and Derek have by the tons.

We have an au, where the Sheriff is still the Sheriff and Boyd, Parish and Isaac help around the farm, mostly for board and food. Lydia, Jackson, Scott and Danny are Stiles's friends from school, and there are a bit apart from the life in the farm. No werewolves included, but there is still plenty of angst and part of the Hale’s are dead.

You can count on a whole lot of angry fighting and headbutting with Stiles and Derek, and them dancing around each other for the longest of times before they finally get together. Which doesn’t erase their problems or how much they still fight. There is a great quality baking and wood carving, horse riding and tending to farm, which includes some castrating here and there, but I won’t comment on it. The sex is explosive, sweet and hot, which makes the fic even better.

The Sheriff of course is amazing and brings out so many touching moments with both Derek and Stiles that it makes me very happy. The flow of the story isn’t interrupted by any major plot twist, but we have some tension that doesn’t dissolve as easily. Erika, Cora and Laura also appear in the story, with minor scenes.

This fic also counts with amazing art by maichan and geeky-sova, embedded in it.

Wild Horses

Two Sides Series by blue-ten (PG-13)

  • Jun. 21st, 2015 at 11:27 PM
Title: Two Sides Series
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Pairing/Characters: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Zuko
Categories: --
Medium: Art
Warnings: No warnings apply.

Author Website: Blue-Ten (Deviantart) | blue-ten (Livejournal)

Summary: Avatar Fanart Series, by blue-ten.

Review: I chose this series because of both the art quality and the it’s content: I love Avatar and for me artists choices really capture what the show is all about. This is a series of five pieces, each one showcasing one of Avatar’s protagonists: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Zuko. Each piece tells of aspects of each characters personality and how they are portrayed of cannon.

Aang, Katara, Sokka and Zuko’s pieces are pretty straight forward. Aang is the duality between his playful self and the Avatar, the background with the representation of each bending color and traits is amazingly detailed. Sokka follows this same guide, playful and warrior, his face painting is one of the best things here and in the show.

Katara’s piece is less detailed, but equally good. She is seen in her Fire tribe disguise, which is a favorite of mine - she looks older and more womanly, and twice as deadly in this arc. She is also shown with both her abilities as a bender, water and blood bending. I don’t like Zuko’s piece as much, probably because I would love to have seen other sides of him, no pun intended.

And then there is Toph, the last and the best! I love the angles and how we see front and back of Toph. At first I saw Toph in her smirkful glory and then I went back to look at her as the proper daughter and lady of court. This pic reminded me why I love Toph so much and how complex her character is - which is great, because she can be seen by some people as a mere comic relief by Sokka’s side. I adore the shading and the way the light is set, the cool and neutral colors just make the whole art stand out.

Do check the artist’s other Avatar works, they are really good too.

Toph | Aang | Katara | Sokka | Zuko

/multishippingcardboardbox by indehart

  • Jun. 7th, 2015 at 9:00 AM
Title: /multishippingcardboardbox
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Blaine Anderson/David Karofsky
Categories: Romance, Fluffy
Medium: Art
Warnings: No warnings apply.

Author Website: olsnaggletooth (Personal Tumblr) | indehart (Art Tumblr)

Summary: No original summary.

Review: I was watching season 6 of Glee, yes finally! And I kind of got all fuzzy feelings about Blaine/David; I’m not happy how they portrayed it, but I’m glad it happened, because at least we get more canon slash and inspiration for fanworks.

This is my first art rec, and obviously I chose a Blaine Anderson/David Karofsky fanart. I loved it because it’s funny and sweet and Blaine isn’t gelled to hell. He is however adorable in one of my favorite Blaine outfits, the one he used in Rachel’s Party, back in season 2.

It is a lovely half bust drawing, colored and pg-rated. The artist’s style is super cute and the blush in their cheeks gives such a depth to the drawing.


Baby Steps by Moons and Glassware (Pg-13)

  • May. 31st, 2015 at 10:00 PM
Title: Baby Steps
Fandom: The Heroes of Olympus -
Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types
Pairing: Nico di Angelo/Will Solace
Categories: Romance, Fluffy, First Time
Length: Medium [2649 words]
Warnings: No warning apply. Please check the rating at the title.

Author Website: Moons and Glassware(on AO3)

Summary: While Nico spends his time in the infirmary as per doctor's orders, he discovers that there may be a little...something between him and said Doctor Solace. Or a coda fic that takes place right after the events of The Blood of Olympus. [original summary]

Review: I’m onto sweet things now, mixed with my enormous fics, so I decided to change up and review this little one. This fic takes place after Blood of Olympus, and it’s practically spoiler free - you only know what is happening if you read the book. Nico di Angelo, Will Solace and Lou Ellen are featured, which means triple attack of adorableness.

Nico is in the infirmary and Will is taking care of him; the lovely part is that we see Nico trying to figure Will out, while feeling rooted and warmed by Will’s attention. This is significant because Nico is always cold, always disappearing in the shadows, and Will presents, in the smallest gestures, the exact opposite.

Lou Ellen is marvelous in the cannon and this fic translates her well; love her darkish humor and how she is always there to sooth the boys at the same time she smacks their head and makes them see how much they like each other. Her habit of trying to kill people is always nice.

I love how much Nico wavers between his usual black humor and a teen in his first crush - all squeaky and adorable. Be aware this is a sweet and gen rated fic, so we only get a minimum of romance at the end, but it’s quite worth the sweetness of the fic and the overall shortness of it.

Baby Steps

Lips in My Hair by fierybeams (Nc-17)

  • May. 24th, 2015 at 10:37 PM
Title: Lips in My Hair
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt Hummel/Elliott "Starchild" Gilbert
Categories: Romance, Fluffy
Length: Long [16978 words]
Warnings: No warning apply. Please check the rating at the title.

Author Website: fierybeams(on AO3)

Kurt and Elliott's relationship as told through hair dye. Or: Five times Elliott changed his hair, and one time Kurt did. [original summary]

When it comes to Glee I usually read Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/Puck, Puck/Finn or Sebastian/Kurt, I do, sometimes mix those characters up, but I’m quite limited to Kurt, Finn, Blaine, Puck and Sebastian in various couples, triads or moresomes. Then I saw this fic and decided to try Kurt/Elliot, mostly because of the Donut!Verse - that I reviewed here - in which Kurt/Adam Lambert aka Elliot are a thing. Well, color me surprised, the fic is really good! And brings out a ton of what I picture Adam to be, while still making Elliot a believable and amazing character.

While it follows the 5+1 fanfic formula, all chapters are quite cohesive and the plot flows splendidly. We go over the many moments a new relationship has, including a break up. It’s fun, it’s hot and very well written. I specially like Kurt characterization, showing his virtues and hung ups: fandom tends to portray him as overly perfect or demonize his flaws.

The fic also doesn’t bash Blaine, which, thank god! And it’s marvelous that we see Kurt experimenting in college, not only with body modification - his brief canon tattoo/piercing, but also his hair - but with how differently a relationship can transform with another person. In that manner, Elliot is put together and guided by his cannon characterization, while playing with a whole great personality and shimmy the author gave him.

Fluffy, but mature, this fic wins points for the general happy feeling it gives, while still managing smut and great conversations. The dramatic points aren't boring or over the top and I'm just fascinated by all the hair talk - it gave me delirious dreams of painting my hair mermaid green again.

On a final note, before you read, because you should! I love the writing style, the author’s adjectives are to die for and Kurt’s though process is so fun, I wish the shows had subtitles made by her. This fic is truly a perfect marriage of form and content.

Lips in my Hair

Let's Get Physical by fallingidols (Nc-17)

  • May. 17th, 2015 at 11:21 PM
Title: Let's Get Physical
Fandom: One Direction [Bandom/RPF]
Pairing: Liam Payne/Niall Horan
Categories: Romance, AU
Length: Medium [7534 words]
Warnings: Public Sex

Author Website: fallingidols(on AO3)

Niall and Liam play a little game: how much sexual tension can they handle before one of them cracks?
Hint: not very much.
A gym AU where Harry signs Niall up with a personal trainer for his knee, but somewhere along the way Niall ends up with Liam and a whole lot of sexual tension instead. [original summary]

Review: The is fic is short and sweet, and I choose it for this week because it’s rare to find good Niall/Liam fics. I really like the dynamics of the pairing, and the author, while in a short work, manages to fill in their personalities quite well.

Besides Liam and Niall, we have a very friendly butterfly Harry that is 100% adorable and trying to help Niall in everything and Zayn, that is quite written in the cranky spectrum instead of the usual mysterious one, which is always refreshing. Oh, there is also Josh, though he leaves the fic quickly, but we have some great comic moments because of him.

The fic shows a medium to fast work of Liam’s and Niall’s relationship, which leads to some great sex and cuteness, the pining happens in a good proportion, which gives interest but isn’t boring! This fic is light, sweet and spicy and just a lovely read.

Let's Get Physical

hand over by crybaby (toplinson) - NC-17

  • May. 10th, 2015 at 10:17 PM
Title: hand over
Fandom: One Direction [Bandom/RPF]
Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Categories: PWP, Romance
Length: Epic [60732 words]
Warnings: Daddy Kink, Object Insertion, D/S Elements & Play, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Feminization, Bareback Sex, Fisting, Impact Play, Pain Play, Sensory Deprivation, Kink Exploration, Safe Words & Trigger Discussions and Use, Figging, Bondage, Total Power Exchange, Pet Play and Collaring.

Author Website: crybaby (toplinson) (on AO3)

‘Twenty one things to try before 21,’ he reads aloud, voice lilting with amusement. [original summary]


I’m on a smut-fluffy phase, probably because it’s May - and I’m always lively around my birthday. This story kind of announced a great B-Day week! It’s a plot what plot fic, where Harry and Louis explore several kinks Harry always wanted to try before turning 21.

She is so joyful to read, full of kink exploration, but beware! Louis and Harry navigate several kinks, but they don’t discuss all of them thoroughly, while Harry gives a blanket statement and they have safe words in place, a few people might consider the story slightly unconcerned with the kink negotiation.

Highlights of the fic concern favorite kinks of mine like Exhibitionism and Sensory Deprivation, as well as a Zayn, Harry and Louis threesome and a gangband with all the boys. The fic is an AU, and a bit unrealistic in the amount of sex a couple can have, and how willing people are in joining the experimentation, but it flows easily enough not to bother you while reading - of course, you must be prepared, this is a pwp fic, the plot is completely secondary, but I feel it delivers well it’s purpose.

This fic gains bonus points for the length and how diverse the sex scenes are without making it everything boring and “this” inserts “there”, the only thing I didn’t like was a bit of the pet names, but that mainly a personal preference thing - it doesn’t effect at all the reading.

hand over

Handle Me by flipmeforward (Nc-17)

  • May. 3rd, 2015 at 7:46 PM
Title: Handle Me
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt Hummel/Sebastian Smith
Categories: Romance, AU, Post-Cannon
Length: Long [39448 words]
Warnings: Boypussy, Cutting and Suicide Talk, Gender Issues, Vaginal Sex, Anti-Blaine.

Author Website: flipmeforward(on AO3)

Written for this prompt on the GKM. Blaine breaks up with Kurt because Kurt has a pussy. Kurt is ashamed over his anatomy, and finally settles for never finding someone who’ll love him completely. Cue Sebastian. [original summary]

This story is amazing! I really like how Kurt and Sebastian slowly work their differences and become friends before turning into more. Alex is a great secondary character and I’m really glad Rachel isn’t Kurt’s support system - I still have issues with her on canon, so anytime she isn’t the focus on fics, it’s great.

Basically Kurt tumbles into Sebastian and makes him his model for a college project. Blaine and Kurt separated in a very dramatic way and that made Kurt less willing to be with someone. Sebastian has grown up and the author creates a good background on him, which makes way more sense than just making him to be the jerk, not providing any backstory on canon to support it.

The Anti-Blaine warning is for two or three paragraphs that have a really negative opinion on him, almost leaning towards bashing, but it’s mostly a ex-repulsion sort of thing and not really about his character. He is a bit out of character, but it generally serves the plot and I don’t mind it.

All in all, you get porn and feelings, plus friendship. The smut is specially delicious and it doesn’t ventures into the healing cock clichê, which is great.

Handle Me
Title: but more than a feeling
Fandom: One Direction [Bandom/RPF]
Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson/Zayn Malik/Liam Payne/Niall Horan, Sophia Smith/Liam Payne, Liam Payne/Sophia Smith/Niall Horan
Categories: Romance, PWP.
Length: Medium [12756 words]
Warnings: OT5 Orgy, Het/Slash in equal parts - will explain the waring in the review, please check the author’s warnings for the individual kinks/sex acts.

Author Website: velvet_tuberose(on AO3) | velvetuberose (on Tumblr)

Summary: Liam doesn't mean to think about it over the next week. He doesn't purposefully think it over, but the thought pops into his head at the oddest of times: bunging a sausage roll into the cart at the shop, stopping Loki from peeing on someone’s shoe at the park, climbing off the treadmill after working out, there’s that random thought of I could sleep with all of them, maybe at the same time.


I had a hard time choosing what fic to rec this week, and when I went over my bookmarks I decided for this story. It is a short one, but is packed with feelings and smut, which I needed to get me out of the funk! So go read this lovely if you want something lighter.

This fic was written for a OT5 exchange, which means fics where the central relationship is of all the five boys in the band. It starts off with canonical Liam/Sophia and a surprising Niall/Sophia friendship that turns into a pre-orgy training with Sophia/Liam/Niall. I’ve been in love with fics that maintain the actual relationships the boys are and sidetrack it with side pairings.

The drama free element is the best part of the plot, simply because Liam and Sophia discuss things as a healthy couple and Liam gets consent from her to pursue this fantasy of his. The undercurrent of Sophia/Niall just makes the fic very complex and delightful, and gives a little wish of something more.

Basically, Niall and Sophia convince Liam that he could have sex with all the boys, because they all love him enough to give what he wants and Liam fumbles around until he figures he really wants that, because he doesn’t feel jealous when he sees the interaction with Niall and Sophia.

I warned for both Slash and Het, because while the fic summary suggest the central idea of the orgy between the five boys, there is sex between Sophia, Liam and Niall and just Sophia and Liam. Since I know there are people that don’t read het in this fandom or that simply don’t read Liam/Sophia or more urgently don’t read fics with sexual acts with any of the girlfriends/other real people, and are uncomfortable with the sexualization of people that don’t chose to be the in the spotlight I thought it was best to warn.

We also get a tiny bit of Harry/Louis and Zayn/Liam, which tie up a lot of feelings and discuss Liam relationship with the other boys and in between them. This is a great read if you want to have all the feelings between all boys and Liam being adorable without wanting to put anyone out for wanting to have an orgy.

but more than a feeling


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