Title: Our Skin, Our Bones, Our Silent Poems
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Peter Hale
Categories: AU, Romance
Length: Medium (7k)

Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] username
Website: A03

Summary: Peter is a Deaf werewolf. Stiles is a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult). They’re a kind of unlikely pair. But sometimes things you wouldn’t think of as a good combination, end up turning out to be the perfect combination, you know?

Review: A fic that actually uses ASL!!!!

The author includes a glossary of ways that they indicate for signs and uses them throughout the fic, instead of just indicating a sign was used.

The story is short and sweet, with nice, realistic character interactions. I particularly appreciated being able to see how Stile way of dealing with Peter changed over the course of the story so that his and Peters's eventual romance felt organic.

Our Skin, Our Bones, Our Silent Poems

Burn it Back by anonymous (PG13ish)

  • Jul. 29th, 2015 at 11:47 PM
Title: Burn it Back

Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Jordan McKee/Mara
Categories: femslash, villain POV, AU/canon divergence, dark (ish)
Length: medium, ~11,000 words
Warnings: for general Evil! with a glad cry

Author on Livejournal: n/a
Author Website: author unrevealed (author link will be added when the challenge is revealed).

Summary: There's nothing quite like fury to bring people together. Jordan and Mara have been burned by the world - together, they just might burn it back.

Review: “So, you’ve ruined lives, you’ve ruined people, you-” Jordan stopped, lifted her chin, and steadied her aim. “So I’m going to kill you, I’m going to do what someone should’ve done as soon as they found out what you are.”

“You don’t actually want to do that,” Mara said, unconcerned.

“I really do,” Jordan replied, teeth bared.

Haven is pretty infamous for having a lot of different, interesting female characters who get to actually do key things and who invariably come to a bad end. In this fic, Jordan McKee gets resurrected as a Fury courtesy of one of Mara's Greatest Hits from back in the old days, and the two of them form an unholy alliance to make Audrey and Nathan and co. pay and get the hell out of Haven. And it kinda feels weird to tag this as darkfic when it's based around resurrecting a character that I really, really like, but I guess that's the tag it's closest to fitting...

Then again, Mara's voice is saturated with manipulation and confidence and evil!plots! Really, considering Jordan's Trouble, there should be more fic out there shipping her with x incarnation of Audrey, and here the relationship evolves with perfect logic for a Mara who uses sex as part of her arsenal, who knows Jordan's weakness for touch through Audrey's memories, and knows how best to woo her to turn her into a weapon that Mara can best use.

It also holds that strange and perverse fascination of letting you see the heroes get kicked around while the villains take centre stage for a while. Mara and Jordan's thoughts on Nathan, Duke and Audrey aren't complimentary, but they do get some interesting moments between the lines. I think I spy some OT3 hints in there.

This fic is a product of the recent Troubled Tales fic exchange, so it is currently author anonymous. You might get a second rec this week courtesy of this exchange.

Burn it Back

Refugees by china_shop (mature)

  • Jul. 23rd, 2015 at 12:01 AM
Title: Refugees

Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio
Categories: slash, breakup, post-canon, first time
Length: medium, ~12,000 words
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: [livejournal.com profile] china_shop
Author Website: china_shop on AO3

Summary: "What? No, Frannie. No! I am not with Kowalski! I am not gay! Jesus, could you concentrate on your own problems? Stella and me called it quits. I needed a place to stay."

Review: Ray looked around at stacks of newspapers and magazines, dirty cups and plates, scattered laundry. There was a half-played game of chess on the coffee table, with a beer bottle sitting in the middle surrounded by pawns. There was a bicycle half-in, half-out the open window, and Christ, there were novelty lights hanging in the kitchen. What was this, Santa's Little Grotto? But more importantly: "Where's Fraser?"

Kowalski threw him a fake careless glance and picked up the beer bottle from the chess board. "He's in Canada. Where do you think he is? What are you doing here, Vecchio?"

Ray stepped over a pair of hiking boots and took the bottle from his hand. "You owe me fifteen hundred dollars. I've been paying your utilities, and I'm here to collect."

So I tend to read these on my e-reader, offline, removed from the fandom response like kudos and comments, and looking this one up now for the links and info, I'm startled to discover how little response this fic seems to have. All I can think is that maybe fics don't so easily win people over if their starting point is the disintegration of canon happy endings. Both Rays' post-Call of the Wild relationships have crashed and burned. Vecchio's split up from Stella, Kowalski's split up from Fraser, and they're back in Chicago and both a mess.

If you can get beyond that concept, I thought this was a delightfully lively, amusing fic that fairly jumped out at me from the many, many Due South fics I'd stuck on aforementioned e-reader to binge read. Ray (Vecchio) discovers that due to the identity confusion hangover from his undercover days, he's been paying for the utility bills of Ray (Kowakski)'s apartment, and figures that as Kowalski owes him the money he'll just move on in and crash there, since he can't face anyone he actually knows and likes or resuming his life in general after the disaster of his marriage.

Inevitably, slowly the enforced company does them each some good and they start to -- somewhat reluctantly -- bond. It's fun.


points on a map by templemarker (explicit)

  • Jul. 15th, 2015 at 10:54 PM
Title: points on a map

Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Categories: threesome, domestic, post-canon, non-specific future fic
Length: medium, 4,388 words
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: [livejournal.com profile] templemarker
Author Website: templemarker on AO3

Summary: The one thing they realized early on, about this relationship they figured out between all three of them, is that there was no way they could live together.

Review: This is just a lovely look at the Audrey/Duke/Nathan relationship examined through the lens of their living spaces, and the living practicalities of a three way relationship outside of the sex. I love that it's dealing with them as three different relationships between two people as well a relationship between three people. The acceptance in general here that people need space, even people who love each other, and particularly accepting Nathan still needing his own space and not having his quieter and less-social tendencies magically 'fixed' by being in a relationship with two more outgoing partners. How the character of the spaces they choose for their own illuminates the characters, and how the ways they collectively choose to spend their time in each defines the relationship(s).

Also, this fic may manage to lay out my ideal Haven future and conclusion to the series. No perfect endings and answers, but a continuation of their adventures while moving and changing at the same time.

points on a map
Title: on the sidelines wishing for right now
Fandom: Check Please!
Pairing: Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmermann
Categories/Genres: Established Relationship, Family, Fluff, Humor, Post-canon
Length: Medium (2652 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] exampleusername
Author Website: defcontwo


Bitty resists the urge to let out a hysterical laugh because apparently this is just his life now. He tries to call his boyfriend and winds up getting hockey advice from a living legend.

5 times Bitty bonded with Bad Bob + 1 time Jack tries to bond with Coach Bittle.


Ah, in-laws. There's really nothing quite like watching people get along, or fail to get along, with their SO's parents. There's also something particularly poignant about watching Eric Bittle get along so well with his boyfriend's parents, when his relationship with his own father is, shall we say, strained.

I've always been weak for fanfiction that fleshes out characters that seldom appear in canon. Particularly characters like Bad Bob Zimmermann, whose hockey career manages to be something of a lingering specter in a comic that honestly has nothing to do with the man himself. on the sidelines wishing for right now brings out the person and the father behind the specter while simultaneously giving Bitty a father figure who is welcoming and kind while his own father slowly learns to adapt.

on the sidelines wishing for right now
Title: The penny jar theory

Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Categories: slash, established relationship, post-canon
Length: medium, ~13,000 words
Warnings: none really

Author on Livejournal: [livejournal.com profile] deputychairman
Author Website: Deputychairman on AO3

Summary: “How - ” Fraser cleared his throat. “How long is the contract?”
“Six months,” Ray told the stew.
“And will you,” he stopped. Ray heard the deep breath he took. Taking it on the chin, attaboy, Ben. “Are you planning to come back here, afterwards?”

Review: The last two weeks I've read nothing but due South, so with due permission--it's someone else's reccing fandom--I'm sneaking in a rec of my favourite so far of the fics that seem to have appeared since last I read dS.

The question that seems to have the strongest pull on me post-series is What does Kowalski do in Canada? and this fic is centred around the practicalities of him trying to find an answer to exactly that, and the ways Fraser and Ray's relationship has to shift around it. The fic exists in a world where the answers aren't perfect and the characters have to make compromises. It's not an unhappy fic, not really, but oddly bittersweet.

I love to bits the central images of the dubious gift of the Penny Jar -- and the time limit/death-knell of a relationship that it starts off by proclaiming -- and Ray Kowalski heading off to work on the isolation of an oil rig without Fraser's approval.

The penny jar theory
Title: Endgame
Fandom: 5 Seconds of Summer (Band)
Pairing: Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings/Calum Hood/Ashton Irwin
Categories: Angst, First Time, Slash, Romance.
Length:Medium [10,396 words]
Warnings: Unsafe Sex, Sexual Orientation Issues, Coming Out, Minor Homophobia.

Author Website: cyclogenesis (addictedkitten)[on AO3]

Summary: Ashton’s bandmates are petting each other onstage again which is fine, it’s normal.[original summary]

Review: Endgame is a fic Ashton-centered fic, and something I haven’t read before. I usually read Calum’s or Luke’s pov, and to think about only once or twice a Michael pov. The whole fic focus in Ashton realizing his feelings about the other boys in the band and at the same time figuring himself out.

I think this fic is good because it draws out from a experience all of us have when we get into the 5 Seconds of Summer fandom: their affectioned nature, the touches, the glances and the way they speak about each other means something? Or are there units inside of the band, or are them all friends at the same level? We don’t need to discuss if they are or not in a relationship in real life, but what we would like to believe it happens or better, what we imagine it should.

Ashton doesn’t daydreams and berates himself on his thoughts about the boys and the relationship he has with them and how they behave with each other. He is very jealous in this fic and sounds a bit whiny, but it’s fun to see him angsting over the fact no one is touching him.

I highly recommend this fic, since it’s all kinds of bittersweet with a happy ending and you will get tons of shippy feelings, because while it is a OT4 fic, it mulls over all kind of pairings inside the band, including all of them together.


Drip Compatible by Dytabytes (PG)

  • Jul. 2nd, 2015 at 2:48 PM
Title: Drip Compatible
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Pairing: Gen
Categories: AU, Domestic, Fluff
Length: Medium (6k)

Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] dytabytes
Website: Dytabytes Ao3

Summary: Raleigh Becket is stuck with an apartment that's too expensive for him to pay for by himself, a severe lack of stable employees, and a complete lack of control over his life. Luckily, he meets Mako Mori, an engineering student who is starting school in a week and has found herself homeless and broke as a result of apartment fraud.

This is the story of their adventures. It includes Mako being 100% badass, Yancy taking stupid selfies of himself, Russians flying helicopters, and Raleigh *continuing* to have a complete and utter lack of control over his life.

tl;dr: Coffeeshop!AU where Mako Mori is a flawless human being, and nothing hurts.

Review: This is a sweet story where Raleigh and Mako end up helping each other out of a series of bad days.

There isn't a lot of tension to the story, but that is kind of the point. It is a short, light fic that will leave you with a smile.

Drip Compatible
Title: Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Jim Kirk/Spock
Categories/Genres: Slow burn, Romance
Length: Medium (10927 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] kianspo
Author Website: kianspo


In which Spock contemplates the laws of attraction and realizes what a slippery slope that is only after he has already fallen. There's no help for him now.


To be honest, I probably found this fic more amusing than the author intended it to be, because the entire time I was reading it, I was imagining a traffic accident in slow motion, two big rigs smashing head on, where one is logic and the other is emotion. Spock comes to reconcile the two by fits and starts, but it's not an elegant process, not logical nor instinctual. He stumbles into it, trips and tumbles his way into a seemingly resigned acceptance of his feelings toward Jim. In every way he exemplifies the 'falling' part of the phrase 'falling in love', and it's sort of stupidly adorable.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)
Title: Unconventional Negotiation Tactics
Fandom: James Bond
Pairing: James Bond/Q
Categories/Genres: Alternate Universe, Humor, Domestic, Romance, Action/Adventure
Length: Medium (10565 words)
Warnings: Very brief description of minor original character death

Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: pikachumaniac


His mission was supposed to be simple. Find Geoffrey Boothroyd’s son, who had developed a reputation for being quite the fearsome inventor, and convince him to come to MI6 to serve as quartermaster. He was given an address, a description, and a starting salary figure so high that he seriously questioned all his past career decisions. He was assured that Frederick Boothroyd was intelligent, practical, and yes, maybe a little prone to shooting people, but only if they insisted on disturbing his work. Altogether, simple.

James Bond knew better though. They didn’t send him on simple missions.

In which James Bond takes an unusual approach to his latest mission, much to the chagrin of his would-be quartermaster.


The premise of this fic is an alternate universe where, not only was Q the former Q's son, but he is also quite determined to never work for MI6. M, for whatever reason, sends Bond to convince him otherwise. According to whatever passes for logic in James Bond's mind, this requires moving in with the Boothroyd scion.

And then they proceed to flail haphazardly at each other until they simultaneously tumble down the slippery slope most people have taken to calling 'love'. Never let it be said that I'm not a sucker for James Bond and Q flailing until they're neck-deep in a quagmire of feelings, but imagining Q as Boothroyd's son, vaguely attached but distinctly tangential to MI6, adds a particular depth to Q's character. Rather than the canonical Whishaw!Q who springs forth from mysterious origins, or the fanonical backgrounds built up around him, the connection to Boothroyd adds depth to both this new would-be Q and his predecessor anchored simultaneously in canon and fanon both.

Unconventional Negotiation Tactics

How Far Down by Eli (PG13)

  • Jun. 17th, 2015 at 9:31 PM
Title: How Far Down

Fandom: Dredd
Pairing: gen
Categories: casefile, crime, backstory
Length: medium, 6,452 words
Warnings: author warns for 'threat of rape/non-con' but it's pretty minor

Author on Livejournal: n/a?
Author Website: Eli on AO3

Summary: 17,000 serious crimes are reported every day. How many more aren't?

Review: No matter how much confidence she has gained as a judge, where Anderson is truly comfortable is in other people's heads. She's not sure what that says about her.

This is both a small casefile following the events of the movie and a backstory fill-in for Psi Judge Cassandra Anderson. I like the extrapolation here for where Anderson goes next, with the struggle to find Judges willing to work with her, and her ending up by circumstance working alongside Dredd again anyway.

I like this fic for the opportunity to see Anderson in action again and these two partnered up once more, in a platonic sense, and it makes some good use of the psychic powers -- those scenes of Anderson busting into other people's heads were always the thing I loved best in the Anderson Psi Division comic strips.

There are also a few neat little character observations of Dredd along the way.

How Far Down
Title: All You Have To Do Is Open Your Eyes
Fandom: The Losers
Pairing: Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez/Jake Jensen
Categories/Genres: Pre-Canon, Friendship, Romance, Humor, Fluff
Length: Medium (5054 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] torakowalski
Author Website: torakowalski


“Okay, no,” Pooch says, holding up his hands, “there is no way I’m gambling for money against you and Cougar.”

Jensen frowns, leaning across the table to make wide, concerned eyes at Pooch. “Is it because we’re just that fucking good?” he asks.

“No.” Pooch knocks the edge of the pack once, twice against the table. “It’s because I’m pretty sure you can read each other’s damn minds.”


There's a lot of things I like about this fic. The characterizations, the instinctive way Jensen just gets Cougar, the amusing (if brief) additions from the rest of the cast. I love how concise the fic is and how colorfully the characters are written; they pop out of the text in full 24-bit color, bright and enchanting. The overall tone of the fic is light and cheerful, but shaded with just enough of The Losers' canonically characteristic darkness to give it a bit of heft.

But mostly I just want to rec this because of the third to last sentence, in which Cougar tells Jensen that he loves him in such a natural and Cougar-ish way that I literally read this fic repeatedly just to get to that one sentence.

All You Have To Do Is Open Your Eyes

Sold Under Sin by Kangeiko (Mature)

  • Jun. 3rd, 2015 at 9:40 PM
Title: Sold Under Sin

Fandom: Transmetropolitan
Pairing: gen
Categories: crack, satire, gorn, journalism, bowel disruptors
Length: medium, ~3000 words
Warnings: All The Warnings. If you're familiar with the comics... Hey, if you can think of somewhere appalling, it goes there, ok?

Author on Livejournal: [livejournal.com profile] kangeiko
Author Website: Kangeiko on AO3

Summary: How to get screwed with your pants on.

Review: I think there is almost no meaningful sentence of this I can excerpt that will allow the review to keep a PG rating. Quite possibly there are moments with the potential to offend even people who've lapped up the grotesque gleeful technicolor offensiveness of the comics. It's glorious. (You may have to turn away from its gloriousness occasionally to gag or shudder.)

People who should know better want Spider Jerusalem to write an column on the economy. This fic takes the form of Spider's responding article, namely ~3000 words of vitriol spewed from the pen of the most obnoxious journalist on the face of the Earth.

The author does an awesome job of the Spider Jerusalem voice and in capturing the bizarre, vile world of the comics, with just enough thread of relevance amid the hyperactive excess to translate back to satire on the real world.

Sold Under Sin

Baby Steps by Moons and Glassware (Pg-13)

  • May. 31st, 2015 at 10:00 PM
Title: Baby Steps
Fandom: The Heroes of Olympus -
Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types
Pairing: Nico di Angelo/Will Solace
Categories: Romance, Fluffy, First Time
Length: Medium [2649 words]
Warnings: No warning apply. Please check the rating at the title.

Author Website: Moons and Glassware(on AO3)

Summary: While Nico spends his time in the infirmary as per doctor's orders, he discovers that there may be a little...something between him and said Doctor Solace. Or a coda fic that takes place right after the events of The Blood of Olympus. [original summary]

Review: I’m onto sweet things now, mixed with my enormous fics, so I decided to change up and review this little one. This fic takes place after Blood of Olympus, and it’s practically spoiler free - you only know what is happening if you read the book. Nico di Angelo, Will Solace and Lou Ellen are featured, which means triple attack of adorableness.

Nico is in the infirmary and Will is taking care of him; the lovely part is that we see Nico trying to figure Will out, while feeling rooted and warmed by Will’s attention. This is significant because Nico is always cold, always disappearing in the shadows, and Will presents, in the smallest gestures, the exact opposite.

Lou Ellen is marvelous in the cannon and this fic translates her well; love her darkish humor and how she is always there to sooth the boys at the same time she smacks their head and makes them see how much they like each other. Her habit of trying to kill people is always nice.

I love how much Nico wavers between his usual black humor and a teen in his first crush - all squeaky and adorable. Be aware this is a sweet and gen rated fic, so we only get a minimum of romance at the end, but it’s quite worth the sweetness of the fic and the overall shortness of it.

Baby Steps
Title: Blue Agents of Destruction

Fandom: Megamind/Lilo and Stitch
Pairing: gen, early hints of Megamind/Roxanne
Categories: crack, humour, fluff, crossover
Length: medium, ~6000 words
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: n/a?
Author Website: Dal Niente on fanfiction.net

Summary: Roxanne wakes up to find a strange creature systematically destroying her apartment.

Review: ...it had seemed harmless enough at first. And it had been cute -- it's still cute, never mind that it's shredding her sofa. It's gleefully enthusiastic about everything, and the cheerful burring noises it's making provide a rather strange counterpoint to the sound of rending cloth. Big ears, big black eyes, big nose, big grin? And fuzzy to boot. It's adorable.

State of my brain today demands I rec something with a high crack/fluff/cuteness factor, therefore have a meeting between the mutually blue and not-really-evil protagonists of two of my favourite animated movies.

Set pre-canon regards Megamind, when Roxanne Ritchie finds a blue, evil alien making itself a nuisance, and not even the usual one, she calls up Metro Man to help deal with the problem, as you do... only he's busy mid-crisis, but someone else overhears and surprises her by showing up to help instead.

I love the parallels touched upon here between two little blue dudes conditioned by society or creator to think of themselves as bad by default. File under 'crossovers that you didn't know needed to exist'.

Blue Agents of Destruction
Title: Some Kind of Temporary Sanity
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Genres: AU, Drama, Smut, Prison
Length: Medium
Warnings: Dub-con, incest, voyeurism

Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] pinkwithoutplot
Author Website: N/A

Author's Summary:

An AU of Folsom Prison Blues, in this fic Sam doesn't deal as well with being incarcerated as he did in canon. Singled out by the other inmates, he and Dean have to pretend to be together in an effort to protect him - and then surprise surprise, they have to actually get together. It's smutty and wrong and ultimately satisfying.

Some Kind of Temporary Sanity

A Mile Away With Their Shoes by Aralias (G)

  • May. 19th, 2015 at 9:58 PM
Title: A Mile Away With Their Shoes

Fandom: Blake's 7
Pairing: gen
Categories: friendship, sad stories
Length: medium, 5956 words
Warnings: downbeat ending

Author on Livejournal: [livejournal.com profile] aralias
Author Website: Aralias on AO3

Summary: Gan and Orac are stuck together for a while.

Review: This is a sweet -- bittersweet -- fic and the oddest of odd friendship stories, focusing on two characters most often overlooked in fanfiction or on the show: Gan a strong man who couldn't fight in a world of spaceships and technology, and Orac the computer more normally used for punchlines and plot device than as a character. In this story, they form an unlikely rapport when they're forced to spend time in each other's company. And there's canon basis!

The idea of these two trying to converse and find any common ground is such a charming one, and the voices ring so true I can hear the actor's speaking the dialogue. The characterisation of Gan is particularly painfully resonant in context of where this is set in canon.

I also love the story behind the title, which is both hilarious and so fitting with B7ish philosophies on life.

A Mile Away With Their Shoes

Let's Get Physical by fallingidols (Nc-17)

  • May. 17th, 2015 at 11:21 PM
Title: Let's Get Physical
Fandom: One Direction [Bandom/RPF]
Pairing: Liam Payne/Niall Horan
Categories: Romance, AU
Length: Medium [7534 words]
Warnings: Public Sex

Author Website: fallingidols(on AO3)

Niall and Liam play a little game: how much sexual tension can they handle before one of them cracks?
Hint: not very much.
A gym AU where Harry signs Niall up with a personal trainer for his knee, but somewhere along the way Niall ends up with Liam and a whole lot of sexual tension instead. [original summary]

Review: The is fic is short and sweet, and I choose it for this week because it’s rare to find good Niall/Liam fics. I really like the dynamics of the pairing, and the author, while in a short work, manages to fill in their personalities quite well.

Besides Liam and Niall, we have a very friendly butterfly Harry that is 100% adorable and trying to help Niall in everything and Zayn, that is quite written in the cranky spectrum instead of the usual mysterious one, which is always refreshing. Oh, there is also Josh, though he leaves the fic quickly, but we have some great comic moments because of him.

The fic shows a medium to fast work of Liam’s and Niall’s relationship, which leads to some great sex and cuteness, the pining happens in a good proportion, which gives interest but isn’t boring! This fic is light, sweet and spicy and just a lovely read.

Let's Get Physical

Courtship (G)

  • May. 11th, 2015 at 7:41 PM
Title: Courtship
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Genres: Romance, Humour, Crack
Length: Medium
Warnings: None

Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: N/A

Author's Summary:

A hilarious and heartwarming prompt fill from [livejournal.com profile] kinkme_merlin. A presumed dead Merlin returns to the kingdom, helps Arthur make peace through 'a little demonstration' of his magic to their fearful neighbours, and attempts to court him through the means of magical gifts; the most notable of these being a bunch of sparkly flowers with a lovely personality. Just pure fun.


Laid Out by Frostfire (Explicit)

  • Apr. 30th, 2015 at 1:19 AM
Title: Laid Out

Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey Parker/Nathan Wuornos
Categories: smut, kink, het, sensation play
Length: medium, 2198 words
Warnings: none

Author on LJ: n/a?
Author Website: Frostfire on AO3

Summary: So they're drinking.

Review: ...she’s made herself...several martinis, and Nathan has had...many beers, and they’re talking about the Troubles, and he has his serious brooding face on, which doesn’t fit with how the official night off was supposed to go. She decided herself, that morning when they made plans, that tonight they would not work and they would still somehow enjoy themselves.

So she reaches out and pokes him in the side.

The noise he makes is so very, very entertaining—sort of like a cut-off hiccup—that she has to do it again. And he makes another, even more entertaining noise, so she does it again. And again.

This is written for the kink prompt "sensation play", and, well, there couldn't be a better kink match-up for this particular pairing -- with Nathan, who can't feel, except for Audrey with her immunity to the Troubles. So here is a fic about Audrey getting drunk and touching Nathan. A lot. Touching which Leads Places.

It's basically partner sex, back in season 2 when they're friends who are so very comfortable with one another, with the joking and teasing and frank discussions. It's genuinely fun and sweet rather than saccharine romance, deals with Nathan's unique situation with frankness and directness, and the end result is raw and real and really damn hot. I wish there was more Naudrey like this around on the internets, because damn.

Laid Out


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