Life Sentence by Astolat (R)

  • May. 27th, 2015 at 11:21 PM
Title: Life Sentence
Fandom: Fast & Furious
Pairing: Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto
Categories: AU, Action/Adventure, Case Fic, Romance
Length: Long (29k)
Warnings: Threatened Dub-con

Author on LJ: [ profile] astolat
Website: Ao3 Website

Summary: “Sit down,” the doctor said. He took blood, three vials filling up dark red. “Any medical conditions?”

“No,” Dom said, and then his mouth kept going and said, “What if I want to volunteer for bonding?”

The doctor peered at him over the glasses. “Do you want to volunteer for bonding?”

It hung in the air. Dom felt it like a noose around his throat, squeezing. Twenty-five to life. “Yeah,” he said.

Review: An interesting take on bonding fics. In a world where bonding is one of the only way to get out of prison, Dom is desperate to get out of Lomac and Brian isn't given much of a choice but to agree, or risk the lives of a lot of innocent civilians.

Despite the complete change in worlds, and meetings, this fic manages to keep the high-octain action of the films, while keeping the characters from becoming too Out of Character. There is a large threat of 'Morality made them do it' sex throughout the first half of the story, but it is resolved before anything is forced on the characters. And their relationship is allowed to grow organically into a happy ending.

Even if you aren't very familiar with the fandom, this fic is self-contained it might be worth giving a try if the premise appeals to you.

Life Sentence

The Things you Carry by Inksplotch (Pg)

  • May. 21st, 2015 at 8:33 AM
Title:the things you carry
Fandom: Tamora Pierce - Protector of the Small
Pairing: Gen
Categories: AU, Friendship, Post-Canon,
Length: Medium (6k)
Warnings: Canon typical violence

Author on LJ:
Website: Ao3TumblrOriginal Fiction

Summary: After Kel breaks orders and invades Scanra to rescue her Haven civilians in Lady Knight, she is found guilty of treason in wartime.

She escapes with the help of friends and does the only thing Kel could ever conceive of doing in that instance-- she keeps fighting Tortall's war.

This is Kel, however; she is always willing to fight her battles alone, but people will always rise up to fight alongside her.

Review: Protector of the Small, is one of my favorite series. I reread it every few years. Which is why I was so pleased to find this fic. Ink-splotch really nails Kel's voice.

The story is amazing in all its little details that build up on each other, until the ending is both fitting and inevitable. A new Tortall after the war, but perhaps a better one as well.
the things you carry

La Lune Joindre by Petrawaters (R)

  • May. 15th, 2015 at 8:15 AM
Title: La Lune Joindre
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: AU, First-Time, Friendship, Romance
Length: Long (20k)
Warnings: dub-con

Author on LJ: [ profile] pterawaters
Website: Ao3Tumblr

Summary: Scott isn't quite sure he's ready to move on after his relationship with Allison implodes, but he attends La Lune Joindre – a two-week retreat for single werewolves – anyway. As much as Stiles loves his dad (and alpha), he hopes by going to La Lune he'll find a mate from a faraway pack. Sitting next to each other on the bus to the retreat starts a fast friendship, and maybe more. When everyone at the retreat is pushing them apart, will Scott and Stiles be able to reconcile what they’re feeling in their hearts?

Review: This is a sweet and fast moving, first meeting fic for Stiles and Scott. I particularly liked the interplay between different packs, and the different ways they were run.

Stiles and Scott are both kept very in character despite a completely different world. And Jackson actually is a good listener in this one. Which makes a nice change from the usual one dimensional explanations for his bad behavior.

The Dub-con is due to them both being high on magic, and full moon. Both of them are interested, but not in the right frame of mind to consent. So if that is triggering, please considering skipping this fic.
La Lune Joindre

An Ever-Fixed Mark by Chibifukurou (Pg13)

  • May. 1st, 2015 at 7:22 AM
Title: An Ever-Fixed Mark
Fandom: Fast & Furious
Pairing: Brian O'Conner/Dominic TorettoBrian O'Conner/Mia Toretto
Categories: Domestic, Family,
Length: Short (7k)
Warnings: Partner infidelity, Panic Attacks

Author on LJ: Anonymous
Website: Anonymous

Summary: Soulmarks never lie. But people do.

Review: While short this fic packs a nice punch. It is a soulmate AU, that takes soulmates in a different direction.

What if soulmates weren't necessarily people, but could be places to? How would that affect how you related to the world around you? How would you know who you were supposed to be with if more than one person made up the place your soul called home?

This is based off the first movie, so Brian is undercover for most of the fic, and there is some infidelity so if that squicks you, please don't read.

An Ever-Fixed Mark

You Have Infinite Choice by R_Gunns (R)

  • Apr. 23rd, 2015 at 11:13 PM
Title: You Have Infinite Choice
Fandom: Marvel MCU
Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers
Categories: AU, Body Swap, Dark, Established Relationship, Romance
Length: Long (23k)
Warnings: Lots of death - Some Gore

Author on LJ: [ profile] gru_da
Website: R_Gunns

Summary: They don't have control, aren't Gods or spirits or beings with any power. But they are something.

(A reincarnation AU that follows a dozen lives amongst thousands.)

Review: A series of loosely connected stories that follow various lives of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as they reincarnate, die, and repeat the cycle.

Some are dark, some are strange, and some are surprisingly sweet. Each one shows a different facet of both the characters and their relationship. All held together with a single story line rushing towards its end.

Even if you aren't super familiar with the fandom, you should be comfortable reading this fic, since each of the different worlds, and character experiences is included in the various parts of the story.

You Have Infinite Choice
Sorry this is late. I had a family emergency that took me away from the internet for a few days.

Title: Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is there 'In a summoning pentagram'
Fandom: Insurance Company Ads
Pairing: Gen
Categories: AU, Dark, Crack, Humor
Length: Short
Warnings: Dark Verse, Human Sacfrificce

Author on LJ:
Website: N/A

Summary: "Like a good neighbor State Farm is there," we chant, and another agent appears in the pentagram. He screams. The Dark Lord feasts tonight.

Review: This is an awesome short fic that brings all the different insurance commercials together. Tons of world building and characterization even if the fic is very short.

Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is there 'In a summoning pentagram'
Title: For An Extra Bark Or An Extra Smile
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Roman Josi/Shea Weber
Categories: AU, Domestic, Fluff, Friendship, Romance
Length: Medium (12k)
Warnings: N/a

Author on LJ: [ profile] distorteddaytime
Website: DistortedDaytime's A03

Summary: Shea's new dog walker is great. Probably.

Review: This is a cute, fluffy, romantic comedy type story that manages to somehow avoid all the tropes that trigger my second-hand embarrassment.

It is far enough AU, that you can easily read this even if you aren't familiar with the hockey fandom.

For An Extra Bark Or An Extra Smile
Title: Datenights in the Stitching Ward
Fandom: Avengers MCU
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
Categories: AU, Domestic, Friendship, Romance, Slow Build,
Length: Epic (65k)
Warnings: Offscreen Violence, Offscreen Hate Crimes, Injury and Illness

Author on LJ: [ profile] nerakrose
Website: Nerakrose's Ao3

Summary: Steve and Bucky meet in the ER, and then keep meeting in the ER because they are both knuckleheads who keep getting beaten up by other people.

Review: I read this entire series over the course of two days. It was entertaining, sweet, and had a nice slow-building romance.

The world and all the characters in it are very well fleshed out. Everybody is similar enough to canon that you definitely know who they are, while still fitting seamlessly into a non-powered present day world. Yes, a lot of their edges are softened to fit civilian life, but it feels right for the lives they are living.

Also Queer Culture, Realistic representation of your 20/30s, present-day technology, Netflix binge-watching, and fandom are all included.

Datenights in the Stitching Ward
Title: An Old-Fashioned Vampire Story
Fandom: Gotham TV/American Vampire
Pairing: Jim Gordon/Alfred Pennyworth
Categories: AU, Crossover, Dark, Supernatural,
Length: Long (29k)
Warnings: Beastialityish - Alfred Shape-shifts into a wolf and there is sex

Author on LJ: [ profile] manic_intent
Website: Manic-Intents Ao3

Summary: The well-dressed, hard-faced man who had collected Bruce Wayne from the crime scene answered the door with a narrow-eyed look of surprise that threw all of Jim’s instincts. Instead of a polite greeting, there was a curt, “You’re one of the GCPD detectives.”

“Yes.” Jim forced himself to meet the man’s eyes. They were the most unsettling part of him: the pupils were a strange, deep amber that reminded Jim uncomfortably of a feral animal. “You’re… Alfred Pennyworth, aren’t you? I’m Detective Jim Gordon.”


“And what?”

“And what do you want?” There was a strange note to Alfred’s voice that Jim couldn’t place, that didn’t seem to sound quite… right: it seemed to pull at something under his skin, somewhere subconscious. It made his skin crawl.

Review: As always Manic-Intent excels at worldbuilding. Even with a relatively short story length and a tight timeline, you will get dragged into the details surrounding the different breeds of vampire, Gotham's politics, and the problems with past lives.

The plot is very straightforward, but given the amount of world building it is nice to not have to keep track of too many details.

Please mind the warnings. There are some sex scenes, and fantasies involving Alfred in Wolf-form so if you aren't comfortable with that, I would suggest skipping this story.

An Old-fashioned Vampire Story
Title: Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hales
Categories: AU, Apocalypse, Friendship, Romance
Length: 40k
Warnings: Zombies, Gore, Attempted Rape

Author on LJ: [ profile] devildoll
Website: Devildoll's Ao3

Summary: "Stiles shouldn't accept rides from werewolves he meets behind abandoned convenience stores." In which the zombie apocalypse is just one of their worries.

Review: This is a fast action packed read that mixes together a roadtrip, zombies, and werewolves.

Despite the change of Universe and circumstance, both Stiles and Derek are very in character.

It's interesting to see how the zombie apocalypse would differ, when you introduce a sub-species of humanity (Werewolves) into the mix, and I particularly enjoyed Devildolls' world-building details that build on the situation.

Come with Me and walk The Longest Mile

Of Sterner Stuff by schweinsty (Pg-13)

  • Mar. 5th, 2015 at 11:01 AM
Title: Of Sterner Stuff
Fandom: Kingsman: Secret Service
Pairing: Gen
Categories: Friendship, Pre-Canon
Length: 6.4k
Warnings: Spoilers for Movie

Author on LJ: [ profile] schweinsty
Website: schweinsty Ao3

Summary: In which Roxy Morton applies for a position, makes a good friend, is a good friend, has a pleasant affair with a very nice girl, doesn't take people's shit, spoils a poodle, and saves the world.

Review: WARNING FOR SPOILERS in the story

When I went to see Kingsman in theaters, I really enjoyed it, but came out wishing that Roxy could have been the main character.

So imagine my delight when I found out that somebody had written a fic addressing this exact premise.

It's short, and won't make much sense unless you've seen the movie, but it is a great alternate POV of a kick-ass woman.

Of Sterner Stuff
Title:[that's] my oppurtunity, to feel brave
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Gen (Derek/Stiles)
Categories: AU, Asexual, Domestic, Friendship, Romance
Length: Medium (15k)

Author on LJ: [ profile] sa_kun
Website: Sa-kun's Ao3

Summary: After the events of season 1, Derek tries to come to grips with himself and where he stands. Basically, it's 15k of asexy fluff, with self-discovery and coming to terms with yourself and growing and stuff thrown in for good measure.

or: the one where Derek is an asexual potterymaker.

Review: This is a little bit shorter than my usual recs, but it is so rare to find an asexual romance of any length.

The story is an AU starting at the end of the first season where Derek walks away from werewolves and craziness and finds himself again.

Quiet, and sweet, the romance sneaks up on you, but never overwhelms the central theme of Derek's healing and growth.
[that's] my oppurtunity, to feel brave

King and Lionheart by thehoyden [NC-17]

  • Feb. 20th, 2015 at 9:00 AM
Title:King and Lionheart
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Categories: AU, Domestic, Marriage of Convenience, Romance
Length: Epic (56k)

Author on LJ: [ profile] thehoyden
Website: The Hoyden A03

Summary: Sidney’s wedding day doesn’t go quite as he’d planned. When he’d bothered to imagine it at all, he’d thought of a nice June wedding in Nova Scotia, outdoors with the sun streaming down. He hadn’t imagined this hurried affair on the tarmac on a rainy and unseasonably cool day in early September, a month after his twenty-fifth birthday.

Review: This is an awesome Marriage of Convenience fic. Both Sidney and Evegeni care about each other and their relationships grows and deepens throughout the fic.

Sidney's POV is really solid throughout the fic and carries the storyline. You'll have a hard time putting it down to do anything else.

If you aren't familiar with the hockey rpf fandom, then this might not be the fic for you. It is in an alternate history AU, but it is still based on present day hockey.

King and Lionheart

Son of Man by Copperbadge (Pg13)

  • Feb. 5th, 2015 at 11:37 PM
Title: Son of Man
Fandom: Marvel (MCU)
Pairing: Gen
Categories: Body-swap, Science-fiction, Post-Canon
Length: Medium (35k)
Warnings: Body Dysphoria/Dysmorphia
Author on LJ: [ profile] copperbadge
Website: Copper Badge's Ao3
Summary: JARVIS did not want to be a real boy. He was quite happy being a building.

Review: I really love how solidly copperbadge handles Jarvis' POV. Both how he would think and precieve the world as a AI, and then how that would change if he was forced to become human.

Sensory processing disorders aren't usually so well written. The plot is straightforward, but that is a benifit to the story, because it allows most of the focus to be on Jarvis' character growth.

Son of Man

All the Eastern Marks by What-Alchemy (R)

  • Jan. 29th, 2015 at 10:33 AM
Title: All the Eastern Marks
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Pairing: Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb
Categories: Apocalypse, Domestic, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-canon, Romance, Science Fiction,
Length: Medium (15k)
Warnings: Transphobic behavior and language

Author on LJ: [ profile] what_alchemy
Website: what_alchemy Ao3

Summary: Maybe someday Newton will forgive him.

Review: Definitely make sure you read the authors note with warnings before you start reading the fic. Some of the scenes can be triggering.

This fic combines some of my favorite themes, domesticity, trans characters, and positive character growth.

Herman is an ass at the beginning of this.It is understandable given the circumstances, but it is still something he has to move passed.

A lot of the stories conflict is following not only Herman's learning how to deal with Newt's changing gender, but with the consequences of his original reaction. What makes this so great is that unlike a lot of fics based on the same premise it doesn't shy away from dealing with the different relationships that two people can have with each other.

All the way from Newt and Herman's first love, to their falling out, to them coming back together for work and learning how they fit together, first as coworkers, then friends, and finally as lovers once more.

All the Eastern Marks
Sorry, this is late guys. Headaches seem to wait for no one.

Title: There's Monsters at Home
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: AU, Bonding, Dark, Romance, Supernatural
Length: Epic (84k)
Warnings: Past Sexual Assault

Author on LJ:
Website: Calrissian18 Ao3

Summary: “How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.

Review: In a world where Stiles got his magical abilities a lot earlier, it changes the whole course of the Teen Wolf Universe.

This is a fast-moving case-fic that will keep you scrolling. The romance is sometimes dark, but it fits well with this darker version of the Teen Wolf Universe.

There's Monsters at Home

Sweet Thing by Hobbitdragon and That's (Nc17)

  • Jan. 15th, 2015 at 11:28 PM
Title:Sweet Thing
Fandom: Sons of Anarchy
Pairing: Juice Ortiz/Gemma Teller-Morrow/Clay Morrow
Categories: AU, BDSM, Domestic, Fix-it Fic, Romance
Length: Super!Epic (101k)
Warnings: Abuse, Mentions of Past Sexual Assault, Incest Play, Internalized Homophobia, transmisogyny,

Author on LJ:
Website: Hobbit DragonThaxted

Summary: Juice is a little boy in a big man's world. Since he so clearly just wants a loving family, we gave him a hot Mommy AND Daddy.

The Juice-centric fix-it AU to end all fix-it AUs for this fandom. This is nothing but gratuitous gratification of our desire to see Juice and Gemma happy, functional, and loved. You don't even have to have watched the series to understand this fic, it bears almost no resemblance to canon anyway.

Review: This is a wonderfully indepth contemporary romance story. The authors do a great job in defining the difference in each narrator and character.

I love all the details they packed into creating a healthy well-balanced relationship for all the characters, without sacrificing realistic misunderstandings and issues with someone entering a new non-traditional relationship. Particularly someone who never planned or had any experience in either the BDSM or LGBTQ communities before.

This is definitely a Explicit story and one that has a lot of varied kinks, so please make sure to read through the fic's tags before you start the story.

Sweet Thing
Title: Fasten One Heart to Every Falling Thing
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni MalkinEvgeni Malkin/Alexander Ovechkin
Categories: AU, Romance,
Length: Epic (51k)
Warnings: Soulmate Au

Author on LJ: [ profile] thefourthvine
Website: The Forth Vine A03

Summary: Geno can't. Sidney won't.

Review: This fic turns the idea of soulmate AUs around. Sidney could theoretically bond with anybody, and Geno can't bond with anybody.

The fic builds slowly enough that you get a feel for the world, and how everything works. You also get a very good feel for the characters.

The relationship between Sidney and Geno feels completely organic as it builds slowly from people who need each other, to friendship, until they eventually fall in love.

Fasten One Heart to Every Falling Thing

To Live by Jambajunkie (R)

  • Nov. 27th, 2014 at 10:46 AM
Title: To Live
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Pairing: Aleksis Kaidanovsky/Sasha Kaidanovsky
Categories: AU, Family, Domesticity, Hurt/Comfort,
Length: Long (28k)
Warnings: Mentions of Past Sterilization

Author on LJ: [ profile] jambajunkie
Website: Jambajunkie

Summary:What if the Kaidonovskys had survived? Sasha and Aleksis learn how to live again in the aftermath of the war - together. This is the story of their happily ever after. Shameless fix-it fic.

Review: This is a great fix it fic for Pacific Rim, where Sasha is a big mother hen to all the younger pilots while still being her kick-butt self and taking on issues of sterility, dog training, and the occasional assassination attempt.

It's great to see the pilots move on with their lives and start families after the end of the movie. And I have an admittedly large soft spot for domesticity and the Kaidanovskies

To Live

Replaced Verse by Reflex (R)

  • Nov. 20th, 2014 at 10:05 AM
Title: Replaced Verse
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Gen
Categories: AU, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Length: Super!Epic(160k)
Warnings: Past Torture, Sex as a precursor to Blackmail

Author on LJ: [ profile] thoughtreflex
Author Website: @ Wraithbait | @

Summary: They may not have tried to hurt him intentionally, but their actions could not have cut deeper than by confirming his suspicions–he was tolerated because of the things he could do, but he had no real friends on Atlantis. Replacing him was enough of a hint

Review: Gen Hurt/Comfort which is just plain awesome. Add in a conspiracy series, and two cats named Bert and Ernie and I just want to cuddle the Atlantis Team.

When they screw up they learn from their mistakes and help each other. Also Ronan and John are great big brothers.

Conspiricies Investigations and Exploration Oh My


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