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Title: Time Enough And Space
Fandom: Firefly/Doctor Who
Pairing: River/Simon
Categories: AU, Crossover, Hurt/Comfort, Action
Length:  25.570 words
Warnings: semi-happy ending
Author on LJ:  [ profile] ashinae [ profile] linden_jay
Author Website:  Fanfiction by Ashinae | linden_jay's AO3

Review: In this wonderful crossover, River isn't Simon's sister. She's a Time Lady whose mind was shattered when she used a Chameleon Arch (for those less familiar with Who-canon, a Chameleon Arch is part of a process for completely changing a Time Lord's genetic make-up, generally used for cross-species transformation) to hide herself away from the Time War.

There's no help in sight for her -- until the Doctor and Donna Noble enter a little shop on the edge of the System and find themselves confronted with ex-Time Lady and her companion and in true Doctor-like fashion set out to help them.

Every single character is brilliantly handled in this fic and it gets a huge bonus from me for not taking the easy way out in the end which is not your typical happily ever after and still is, in a way.

Time Enough And Space in one part on the A03.

Time Enough And Space in five linked parts on LJ.


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