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Burn it Back by anonymous (PG13ish)

  • Jul. 29th, 2015 at 11:47 PM
Title: Burn it Back

Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Jordan McKee/Mara
Categories: femslash, villain POV, AU/canon divergence, dark (ish)
Length: medium, ~11,000 words
Warnings: for general Evil! with a glad cry

Author on Livejournal: n/a
Author Website: author unrevealed (author link will be added when the challenge is revealed).

Summary: There's nothing quite like fury to bring people together. Jordan and Mara have been burned by the world - together, they just might burn it back.

Review: “So, you’ve ruined lives, you’ve ruined people, you-” Jordan stopped, lifted her chin, and steadied her aim. “So I’m going to kill you, I’m going to do what someone should’ve done as soon as they found out what you are.”

“You don’t actually want to do that,” Mara said, unconcerned.

“I really do,” Jordan replied, teeth bared.

Haven is pretty infamous for having a lot of different, interesting female characters who get to actually do key things and who invariably come to a bad end. In this fic, Jordan McKee gets resurrected as a Fury courtesy of one of Mara's Greatest Hits from back in the old days, and the two of them form an unholy alliance to make Audrey and Nathan and co. pay and get the hell out of Haven. And it kinda feels weird to tag this as darkfic when it's based around resurrecting a character that I really, really like, but I guess that's the tag it's closest to fitting...

Then again, Mara's voice is saturated with manipulation and confidence and evil!plots! Really, considering Jordan's Trouble, there should be more fic out there shipping her with x incarnation of Audrey, and here the relationship evolves with perfect logic for a Mara who uses sex as part of her arsenal, who knows Jordan's weakness for touch through Audrey's memories, and knows how best to woo her to turn her into a weapon that Mara can best use.

It also holds that strange and perverse fascination of letting you see the heroes get kicked around while the villains take centre stage for a while. Mara and Jordan's thoughts on Nathan, Duke and Audrey aren't complimentary, but they do get some interesting moments between the lines. I think I spy some OT3 hints in there.

This fic is a product of the recent Troubled Tales fic exchange, so it is currently author anonymous. You might get a second rec this week courtesy of this exchange.

Burn it Back


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